“Super Bowl Prediction”

This edition is going to be short and sweet.  Lets just get right to it.  With the high flying aerial attack of the Who Dats matching up with Peyton Manning and the very young receiving corpse of the Indianapolis Colts, I got the Colts taking home the Championship.

The Colts and Saints each have great offenses.  The real difference here is that the Colts have a respectable defense to go along with the O.  An opportunistic Saints defense has prayed off of opponents miscues all year.  The problem is that they are going up against the man who makes very few mistakes in Peyton Manning.  Bending but not breaking will not work tonight against Peyton Manning.

Peyton will add ring number 2 as the Colts defeat the supposed “team of destiny” 34 to 24 in an entertaining game.

So that is the call here from Kraze. 

Stay tuned for the next edition of Sportskraze and enjoy the ball game.



6 responses to ““Super Bowl Prediction”

  1. Darren Dutch Dalton

    Manning did not make many mistakes tonight. Many of his incompletions were simply drops by receivers. He looked very sharp early. The only mistake he made ended the superbowl.

    Did the extended half time cause Freeney’s ankle to tighten up? He certainly was not the same player he was in the first half.

    In a game of two very similar teams, one Peyton pick six, put the game out of reach.

    Would a healthy Freeney make a difference? I think it would have changed the second half.

    The Saints made two big gambles during the game; going for it on 4th and goal, and the onside kick. With two minutes left in the half, the forth and goal miss did not kill them (in fact they still got their three as time expired). The onside kick may have changed the whole tone of the game.

    Good superbowl; good play on both sides, good coaching; good officiating.

    • Darren,
      I am in complete agreeance. I do think a healthy Freeney could have made a difference. But in this night, the Saints D had their best game in a couple of months and Drew Brees was fantastic.

      A tough one to swallow for Peyton, but with his work ethic, he will surely be back in the near future.


  2. http://www.3cats1nut.com showed you up on this one…

    colts and the over? 0-2 mr. kraze…

    • LBE,
      I admit that I was incorrect about the outcome of the game. Still was quite entertaining though and I am still surprised by the outcome on all fronts.

      3Cats1nut was correct this time..


  3. Totally surprised by the outcome of this one. Thought Peyton would pick Saints D apart. I was wrong.

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