“Who is Dominique Jones?”

South Florida wins at number 8 ranked Georgetown?!  No this is not a typo.  South Florida, in arguably their biggest win in school history defeated the number 8 ranked Hoyas, who were coming off opening up a can on Duke.  Does this game make me think less about Georgetown?  Not really.  They are still one of the best coached teams in America and are led by possibly the most pure center in College Basketball in Greg Monroe.

But the South Florida Bulls making some noise in basketball?  In recent years they have made some noise in College Football rising up to number 2 in the rankings at one point a couple of years back.  But now the team is starting to develop a little swagger on the basketball court.  With a record of 15 and 7, and a 5 and 5 mark in the daunting Big East, they are a tournament bubble team.  Who would have thought that South Florida would be 5 and 5 in the Big East come February?  Nobody except maybe Dominique Jones.  Have you ever heard of this high flying shooting guard?

Jones is the ringleader of this Bulls squad.  He is finally starting to get a little recognition and may be America’s best college player that nobody is talking about or for that matter has even heard of.  Jones dropped 29 points last evening, along with 8 rebounds, 4 assists, and 3 steals.  He scored 22 of his 29 in the second half and willed his team to their unheralded 4th straight Big East win.  It has seemed near impossible at times to win 4 straight in this conference.  Jones and the Bulls have accomplished this feat though.

So lets take a further look into all that is Dominique Jones.  Jones is a 6 foot 4 inch, 205 pound shooting guard.  He is a junior and has been South Florida’s best all around player since he stepped foot on the campus.  Each year he has made steady improvements to his game and is now averaging an amazing 22.4 points a game in the rugged Big East.  Lets not also forget that he is getting 6 rebounds and 4 assists a  game showing that he is not just a scorer.

Now if you ever get to watch Jones play, he will get a lot of shots up.  Probably too many at times to be honest.  But boy can he fly and score from anywhere on the floor.  He is extremely strong and looks to have an NBA shooting guard type body.  One of the only things that was holding this guy back was his lack of a supporting cast.  And though the supporting group is not great, it has been enough to get his team to where they are at now in a position to possibly attend March Madness.

Jones unfortunately does have a bit of an attitude and this is shown often throughout almost every game.  He jaws at opposing players, the crowd, and just demonstrates immature mannerisms at times.  If Jones can mature and start to understand that the antics are not helping his or the team’s cause, he could very well be playing in the League in a couple of years.

So if you had no idea who Dominique Jones was, now you do.  So are there any other big time players out there that are getting no love?  If so please share them with me.

Stay tuned for the next edition of Sportskraze.



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