“Let the Minutia Begin”

Now that the always exciting NFL Pro Bowl is complete, it is time for the League to set all its sites back on the big game.  Back on the rumble that is waiting to occur in Miami next Sunday.  The real grand daddy of them all (sorry Rose Bowl).  Yes, I am talking about the Super Bowl.  Over the next week, you will hear more about this game, than you could have possibly ever wanted too.

They will dissect this game in every which way and with every outcome possible.  It will get to the point by the middle of the week where you will want to turn it off until the actual game kicks off.  This happens every year and this time will be no different.  Now I will admit that the Pro Bowl being played a week before the big game saved us a little.  The Pro Bowl took a tiny bit of the attention off the Super Bowl during week 1 of the build up.  It did not take much of the hype and media time away, but it did warrant a bit of an aid.

Already we have dealt with the Gregg Williams fiasco.  Now the Dwight Freeney injury is taking center stage.  Do any of you really think for one second that Freeney is not going to play?  Lets be real.  You would almost have to kill a guy like Freeney to keep him from playing in this one.  So what is the next story forthcoming?

Maybe there will be talk about how Peyton and his brother Eli are jealous of each other and one is envious that the other is Archie’s favorite son.  Maybe there will be a story about how Reggie Bush and Drew Brees have secretly had a conflict in the locker room all season.  Maybe it will come out that Reggie Wayne is frustrated at how many touches Pierre Garcon has seen in the playoffs compared to himself.  Maybe there will be a story that…I think you see where I am going with this.

Brace yourself, because the minutia is about to begin.

Stay tuned for the next edition of Sportskraze.



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