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“Grow Up Coach”

The trash talking for the Super Bowl began yesterday.  This time it was not a player, but a coach.  Not even the head coach though.  It was the Saint’s defensive coordinator Gregg Williams.  In a radio interview, Williams made it publicly known that his players would place some “remember me” shots on League MVP Peyton Manning in Miami.  The Colts have given no response to these comments.

Is this coach serious? I mean we all know that football is a brutal game.  We all know that behind the scenes players look for the big shot against the other teams’ star players.  But it is not becoming to have a coach talking like this to the media.  You would think a coach would be a little more mature than this.  Where is the sportsmanship?  Where is the class?

Now I refuse to believe it when teams act as if they do not look to get in extra shots against opponents star players.  But either way, it is not something you talk about to the media.  Normally these are the type of remarks that the Joey Porter’s of the League make.  Not the coaches.  I mean who is he helping with these comments?  You are not motivating your players by making these comments.  Peyton Manning, a 4 time League MVP now and a former Super Bowl winner could care less about what you say.  His offensive line though may have some extra incentive to protect their star even better than normal.

I think Gregg should be worried about scheming for the game.  If his team did not luck into some unforced fumbles by the Vikings, they would have been handily defeated.  People say the Saints have a very opportunistic defense that bends and doesn’t break.  Well those turnovers they have been getting all year will most likely not happen against Peyton Manning.  Peyton Manning is one of the top QB’s of all time for a reason.  Also remember he has a whole two weeks to prepare for this game.

All I have to say is, Coach beware of the “remember me” shots that Peyton could lay on your defense come the 7th.

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“Boilermaker Star Flys Under Radar”

The big college basketball matchup last evening pitted two of the Big Ten’s finest.  The Purdue Boilermakers, who have struggled in January following a blazing start took on the dangerous Wisconsin Badgers.  Wisconsin is so well coached and always plays well down the stretch in games.

The man who took over this game.  E’Twaun Moore.  Have you heard of him?  He is the smooth Purdue junior shooting guard who is the main reason why the Boilermakers were able to gain some revenge on the pesky Badgers.  Moore is the leading scorer for a very balanced Boilermaker attack.  Moore got the job done down the stretch last night and willed his team to this all important victory to stay in the Big Ten hunt.

This was a must win for the Boilermakers if they want to have any shot at catching the Spartans for a Big Ten title.  The showdown with MSU is rapidly approaching and is set for February 9th.  So what makes E’Twaun Moore so important to the Boilermaker attack?

Well obviously he is their leading scorer, but this is not necessarily why he is so essential to their success.  Moore is the only player on the team who can create for himself.   He can score in iso situations and create his shot from all over the floor.  He relishes in the mid range game which is unusual for players today.  I thought the mid range jumper was a lost art?  E’Twaun must be from the old school.  Either way Purdue will need E’Twaun to lead this team on the offensive end if they want to make a deep run in March.

The Big Ten is tough and probably the second strongest conference in the land this year.  Michigan State still has an outside shot at a number 1 seed if they run the table in the Big Ten.  Purdue is very capable of making a deep run in March with their hard defense, balanced scoring attack, and flat out experience.  Wisconsin has big wins this year and is able to knock off anyone.  If their second leading scorer John Leur returns, they will be even more dangerous.  Then finally do not sleep on Ohio State.  Turner is one of the best players in the country and this team can play with anyone. They may be a year aware from reaching their potential, but they are still tough.  So the top 4 of the Big Ten are  very solid.

So who wins the Big Ten when things are all said and done?  And do you think E’Twaun Moore is an NBA talent?

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