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“Sayonara Mr. Arenas”

Gilbert Arenas, who has sat out the past 12 games, is now officially done for the remainder of the season.  All in total Arenas will miss 50 games, and for all we know his career in the NBA could be over.  Talk about a guy who has screwed things up.  Arenas a was a stud in college under the tutelage of the legendary Lute Olsen at Arizona.  Not to many thought that he would ever hit it big in the NBA.  I will admit that I was one of those critics.

Arenas was not even taken in the first round of the draft.  After being selected by the Warriors early in the second round, Gilbert made the most of his opportunity.  Something that he has always done in his life until now.  Arenas had an outstanding second year, being named the NBA’s most improved player, and was picked up by the Washington Wizards.  Arenas was an extremely sought after free agent and was budding into a star.

During his time as a Wizard, Arenas became one of the top scorers in the League and an All Star.  Unfortunately for Gilbert, things started going down hill in 2007 when he got hit by the injury bug, appearing in just 13 games.  Last season was not much different as he played in just 2 games.  So he appeared in a grand total of 15 games in 2 years.

This year he was finally healthy, but he went and screwed things up with his off the court antics.  This was something in Gilbert’s control.  Injuries are impossible to control.  Following League rules though, that is a matter of compliance and maturity.  So now we sit here and wonder what could have been with Mr. Arenas.  The man has played in a total of 47 games the past 3 years, equating to half an NBA season.  He quite possibly could go to prison.  The life of Gilbert Arenas, that once had so much promise, has now become a struggle.  A sob story.

This lengthy suspension doled out by the commissioner David Stern has gotten me thinking about other big time suspensions given out in the NBA.  Who could forget when Latrell Sprewell choked then coach P.J. Carlisimo and was suspended for 68 games.  Or the ultimate suspension, when Ron Artest was suspended for a League record 73 games.  Artest was out in the crowd punching fans on that fateful day in Detroit.

Please take note though that both Latrell and Ron’s careers were revived upon the return from their suspensions.  Sprewell found new life with the New York Knicks and helped lead the team to the Finals a couple of years later against the Spurs.  Artest became a key member of the Rockets and is now a key player on arguably the best team in the League, the Los Angeles Lakers.

So my question for you all today, is Gilbert’s suspension warranted and deserving of its indefiniteness?  If so, do you think his gun possession is as bad as Latrell’s choking or Artest’s stroll into the crowd?

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Roger Federer last evening clinched a birth in the Australian Open semifinals.  He did not play his best tennis, but woke up when he needed to and took care of the very talented Nikolay Davydenko.  Federer was the only player ranked in the top 4 to take care of business and stay alive.  Djokovic and Nadal both were unsuccessful in their quests to make it to the semis of the first Grand Slam of the year.

But isn’t consistency Roger’s middle name?  The man has made 23 consecutive Grand Slam semifinals!  Now take that in for a minute.  That means that Federer has not been knocked out of a Grand Slam tourney before the semifinals for 6 years.  No wonder he holds the all time record with 15 Grand Slam titles.

So is the number 23 synonymous with greatness.  Arguably the greatest basketball player of all time Michael Jordan sported the number 23.  Arguably, the best basketball player on the planet now sports the number 23, Lebron James. 

I would go as far to say though that Federer’s accomplishment of 23 straight Grand Slam semifinals is a greater feat than Jordan’s 6 NBA titles or unfathomable 7 consecutive scoring titles.  Now many would be confused and not understand how I would come to this sentiment.  The semifinals is not a title people would say.  Jordan played a team sport and Federer plays an individual sports.  Look at men’s tennis over the years.  How many guys can you think of that made 23 consecutive Grand Slam semifinals? 

In the NBA, guys like Bill Russell won 11 titles, John Havlicek won 8, and Kareem Abdul Jabbar among others won 6.  Even Robert Horry, the consummate clutch role player won 6.  In addition, Jordan’s remarkable feat of 7 straight scoring titles was also accomplished by Wilt Chamberlein.  Nobody has ever gone to 23 straight Grand Slam semifinals.  Nobody has even come close to 23.  Rod Laver advanced to 12 straight at a time which was the previous record.  And since this is not a team sport, Federer earned it all 100 percent by himself.

So I have multiple questions  for you today.  Is the number 23 synonymous with greatness and is Federer’s feat more remarkable than Jordan’s 6 NBA team titles or 7 consecutive scoring titles?  Lastly, is Federer’s feat of 23 consecutive Grand Slam semifinals perhaps the greatest accomplishment in professional sports?

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