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“The Mecca is a Playground”

The Knicks suffered their worse home defeat at Madison Square Garden in franchise history last evening.  They were defeated in embarrassing fashion by 50 points thanks to Dirk Nowitzki, Mark Cuban, and the Mavericks!  Give me a break.  I remember when the Knicks were a contender every year in the 90s.  Those Patrick Ewing led teams were tough, and nobody came into Madison Square Garden looking to set records (except Michael Jordan perhaps).

MSG used to be a hostile environment to go into.  Now it has become a playground of sorts, where Kobe and Lebron look to out due each other under the bright lights.  Where teams look to get back on track, or teams just come to lay a smack down.  The Knicks were at least a 50 win team no matter what during the 90s.  They even had a coach during part of the decade with great hair in Pat Riley (Van Gundy did not have good hair).  Since the departure of Patrick Ewing in 2000, the Knicks have never been able to fill his big shoes both literally and hypothetically.  It is as if the heart of the franchise was ripped out. They have never even made the playoffs in what has been the weaker conference the past 9 years.  The post Ewing era has not been a fun one thus far for New Yorkers.

I mean the Dallas Mavericks are a good team led by one of the games best in Dirk Nowitzki.  But those Knicks teams of the 90s were fiesty and tough.  They had guys like Charles Oakley, John Starks, Charlie Ward, and Chris Childs.  No team would ever be able to come into the Mecca a lay a whooping like the one that occurred last evening.  Maybe the Knicks fans should have embraced Patrick Ewing during his time in New York?

Little did they know that with his departure, the days of being a force in the League were over.  Sometimes you do not realize what you got until it is gone.

Please let LBJ head to the Big Apple this summer for the sake of New York..

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“No Fundamentals”

The Saints are heading to their first Super Bowl in franchise history.  They can thank the Vikings for handing them this one.  In a game where the Viking’s offense outgained the NFL’s best offense by a large margin, the Saints escaped due to a plethora of miscues by the Minnesota Vikings. 

The Vikings fumbled 5 times in this game!  Brett Favre threw 2 costly interceptions in a season where he threw a total of 7.  Taking care of the ball while on offense is a key fundamental of the great game of football.  The Vikings were not able to do it.  It’s a shame to see Brett Favre throw an interception in the possible last pass of his career..

Actually it isn’t.  Brett has tarnished his legacy with his multiple retirements and ridiculousness over the past few years.  His last pass as a Packer was an interception in overtime of the NFC Championship game.  His possible last pass as a Viking was an interception at the end of the 4th in the NFC Championship game.

Brett committed the cardinal sin on the Viking’s last offensive play.  On a designed roll out, he threw across his body into the middle of the field.  You would think after 19 years, Brett would know better than this.  Fundamentals apparently do not apply to the superstar that is Brett Favre.  Brett does not get sole blame for this loss though.  The man did have an outstanding year, but really screwed up on his last play.  Peterson continued to struggle with hanging on to the football.  Harvin struggled throughout this game and had a costly fumble.  Though Berrian had probably the best game of his career, his fumble hurt.  These fumbles and Brett’s pick cost the Vikings a shot at the Super Bowl.

With 4 minutes left in the 3rd quarter the refs made a terrible call on a key 3rd down play.  They called a roughing the passer on the Vikings which had no business being called.  Favre later in the drive through a very unwarranted pick and was hit hard.  Brett hobbled off the field in pain and his wife looked to be on the verge of tears.  It was a bitter-sweet moment for all of those people who thought that Brett should have spent this year back in Mississippi with his family.

Who would have thought that the Vikings would outgain the Saints 475 to 257 and lose.  I certainly did not.  The Vikings have an outstanding defense.  They are a great all around team that really blew this one.  When push came to shove, Brett was not able to get it done.  He may hold all the records and think that he is the coach of the team, but he still ignores the fundamentals after playing in the League for 19 years.

Maybe you should have listened to your coaches all these years Brett?  Karma is tough.  It should be an amazing Super Bowl between the League’s top 2 quarterbacks in Peyton Manning and Drew Brees. 

Bourbon Street will be rocking tonight.

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