Daily Archives: January 24, 2010

“Big 12 Pushovers?”

Today, two of the Big 12’s finest went down.  Texas, the number 1 ranked team in the country took their second straight loss and are surely going to fall dramatically in the rankings.  Kansas State, the team that was first to knock off Texas took their 3rd loss of the season today to a decent Oklahoma State team on their home floor.  Possibly a hangover from the big win earlier this week?  I think so.

So as I stated at the beginning of the season, the Big 12 tends to be overrated in basketball every year it seems.  The only team that legitimately has made Final Four runs is Kansas.  Kansas did win in convincing fashion today and is still definitely a threat to make a very deep run in March.  But lets really be honest, outside of Kansas, Texas, and Kansas State, who is legitimate in the Big 12?  And do you really see Texas or Kansas State making a Final Four run?  I mean it is a good conference, but in no way does it match up with the likes of the  mighty Big East.  It seems that no conferences have more than one team that many could see making a Final Four run, except the Big East.

I mean the traditional powerhouse ACC has many solid teams, but do you really see any of them making a Final Four run at this point in the year?  It is unlikely.  I mean I guess you could make a small case for Duke, but that appears to be a longshot.  Then you look at the SEC, and outside of Kentucky, this conference is almost a laughable matter.  The Pac 10 really has no Final Four contenders that anyone is talking about at this time.  The Big Ten has looked to have 2 Final Four contenders up until recently in Michigan State and Purdue.  But Purdue has lost 3 of their last 5 and no longer are a team that I see going to the Final Four.  But then you look at the Big East..

Syracuse, Villanova, West Virginia, Georgetown are all Final Four contenders and I could go on with teams that could easily play a few rounds into the tourney.  This conference the past few years has proven to just be flat-out brutal.  And this year is no different as their 5th or 6th best team knocked off one of the Big 12’s top dawgs today in Texas. 

I mean conferences like the Big Ten, ACC, SEC, and Big 12 all have solid teams.  But they do not have nearly the strength or depth of a conference like the Big East.  Nor do any of them seem to have multiple Final Four contenders. 

Do not be surprised if Kansas runs away with the Big 12 by the end of the season..

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