“No Pink Slip”

Wade Phillips will live another day in Dallas!  He has been blessed by a two-year contract extension from Dallas owner, Jerry Jones.  After all the possible talk of Jones getting rid of Phillips, he will return for next season.  What a lucky guy right?

I mean if you go 33 and 15 in three years with a winning record in each of those seasons.  Win 2 division titles in the fierce NFC East.  Snap a franchise’s 13 year drought without a playoff victory.  I guess you are a lucky guy to be graced with a contract extension..

Jerry Jones needs to give it a break.  If I were Wade Phillips I would be ticked off.  He has the 2nd best record out of all coaches in the NFL during the past three years.  He also holds the highest winning percentage at .688, out of any prior coaches under the ownership of Jerry Jones.  And your going to tell me he is fortunate to get rehired.  This guy has done a great job.  Lets not forget that he had to deal with all that is Terrell Owens as well.  This guy deserves a medal.

The Cowboys are a very strong team and have the pieces in place to go back to the playoffs next year and maybe even make a run at the NFC Title.  Kudos to Wade Phillips for taking this with class and not showing any disdain.  Watching the press conferences makes me sick.  Jones looks so unsure of his decision to bring Wade back.  He makes it out as if he is doing this guy a favor.  Wade is just excited to be back.  You can see the excitement in his face and hear it in his voice at the press conferences. 

Jerry you are not George Steinbrenner.  No matter how much you desire to be the the ultimate professional sports owner, Steinbrenner is one of a kind.  Dallas is not New York city.  The media is not nearly has fierce nor the city nearly as big.  Jones is one of three owners in the NFL who is also the team’s general manager.  Can you guess who the other two guys are that hold both of these positions for their respective franchises.  Mike Brown and Al Davis.  These guys are really raking in the Super Bowl titles lately..

Best of luck to Wade in keeping his job for years to come.  Maybe he will win the NFC East again next season and be unsure if he has job security..

What are your thoughts on Wade’s rehiring and Jerry Jones in general?

Stay tuned for the next edition of Sportskraze.



2 responses to ““No Pink Slip”

  1. I never thought Phillips was a great coach but his record is what is important. He has done the job and deserves some respect.

    • Gooch,
      I do not think he is a great coach either from the games that I have watched him coach, but he has won 33 games in 3 seasons which is pretty respectable.

      Just give the man a little love until he starts losing.


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