Daily Archives: January 21, 2010

“The Bright Lights”

Tonight, basketball and hockey’s finest go head to head under the bright lights.  Kobe takes on Lebron in a rematch of the embarassment that occurred on Christmas Day.  And Sidney Crosby battles Alex Ovechkin in a rematch of the amazing playoff series that they gave America last year.

First the clash of the NHL’s best.  Sid the Kid takes on Ovi (great nicknames).  This is hockey’s best rivalry due to the two superstars at the forefront.  Not to mention these are both strong teams.  Hockey needs more of this.  They need more publicity of this rivalry.  Many cities that do not have NHL teams have lost all interest in the sport.  This rivalry could be the one that brings the NHL to prominence.

Years ago these two kids many thought could become like Larry and Magic were for the NBA.  And the great thing is, they have become the Magic and Larry of the NHL.  They do not dislike each other.  But when on the ice, the competition is fierce.  These two guys want a piece of each other.  They want to be known as the game’s best.   And who can blame them?  Tonight should be a great one if you get a chance to tune in.

Then lets not forget about the biggest rivalry or argument in basketball.  Kobe vs Lebron.  Who is better?  I think we see enough of these guys on their commercials.  Either way, any time one of these guys steps on the court it is a treat.  You know that you could see something special on any given night.  Not only are they without question the two best players in the League, but their teams also hold the League’s best records.  So it may only be January, but you know that Kobe and the Lake show are chomping at the bit to exact revenge for the whooping the Cavs laid on them in LA on Christmas.

Should be a great night of bright lights for the NBA and NHL.  So do you think the Leagues planned to have their biggest stars go head to head on the same nights?  If they did, poor planning in my eyes.

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“A Changing of the Guard?”

In very peculiar fashion, both UNC and the Dukies took a loss in conference play on the same night.  Not to mention they both lost to unranked opponents!  Is there a changing of the guard occurring in the ACC?…

In my opinion, this is simply just a down year for both squads.  North Carolina has the top recruit in the country in Harrison Barnes coming next year and Duke has an outstanding recruiting class arriving as well.  Who are the coaches of these highly renowned programs?  Oh yeah, I forgot Coach K and Roy Williams.  Both have multiple National Titles and are not going anywhere anytime soon.

Duke still has a legitimate shot to do some damage this year though being led by Kyle Singler and Jon Scheyer.  Though they are lacking a major inside presence, they still have nights where they can shoot the lights out.  And  even with the loss, they are still going to be ranked in the top 15 in the country and it is still only January.  For North Carolina, with 7 losses already, this season may already be a lost cause in having any chance to make some noise in March.  But do not worry, they will be back next season.

Duke Crazies and Chapel Hill gurus will be rocking soon enough.  This is just a down year for the programs (especially UNC).  The ACC team to watch in my eyes has to be Georgia Tech.  They are big, strong, and very well coached.  Derrick Favors is the guy that people are not talking about due to all the insanity and hype surrounding Kentucky super frosh John Wall.  Many think that he will be the number 2 pick in next year’s NBA Draft.

Anyways though, for those of you who dislike Duke, UNC, or both, enjoy it while you can, because nights where both lose to unranked teams are few and far between.  Both programs will be contenders soon enough.

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