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“QB’s Galore”

The NFL playoffs really heat up tomorrow with two very exciting matchups.  Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, Kurt Warner, and Joe Flacco leading the 4 squads into the games tomorrow.  Talk about some of the League’s best.  QB’s are so crucial for any team to even dream of sniffing the playoffs and this year has proven no different.  As the League’s best QB’s, other than Tom Brady, are still standing as we head into the second week of playoff football.

  In the early game, Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints take on the seasoned vet Kurt Warner and the exciting aerial attack of the Cardinals.  Bring out the offensive playbooks and get ready to see a shootout.  Neither team has had a defense during the second half of the season and both can put up points in flurries.  This will be an entertaining game whether you are fan of either of these teams or not.

Each team gives up around 350 yards a game and wins by lighting up the scoreboard and coming up with timely turnovers on defense.  The big question in this game is can Drew Brees handle the pressure of being the favorite in a playoff game?  Brees has never led a team to a Super Bowl.  His playoff record is less than flattering at 1 and 2 over his 9 year career.  This year appears to be as good as any for him to lead a very talented Saints team through the NFC.  Kurt Warner has played in multiple Super Bowls and has all the playoff experience one could ask for.  I mean the guy is 9 and 3 all time in the playoffs.  How many people can say that they have won 9 of 12 in the postseason?  Unfortunately for Kurt, one of his top receivers Anquan Boldin is very unlikely to play.  Not to mention him and his Cardinals’ teammates will be heading into a hostile environment at the New Orleans Superdome.

The prediction in this one from Kraze is a Saints victory in which both teams score 30+.  The game will be close and  it should be a shootout. So strap in for an exciting opener to the weekend.

In the nightcap, Peyton Manning and the Colts take on a tough Baltimore Ravens team.  The Ravens played the best out of anyone during wildcard weekend, giving the Patriots a good old-fashioned butt whipping in frigid Foxborough.  Joe Flacco threw just 10 times for a meager 34 yards.  But the rushing attack between Willis McGahee, Ray Rice, and Mr. McClain was outstanding.  If the Ravens rush like they did against the Pats, Peyton will be sitting on the sidelines waiting for much of the game and have to score fast.  Which is something that he has never had a problem doing.

A good friend once told me that a good defense will always beat a good offense.  So logic in this one points to picking the Ravens to win this game.  The Colts ended the year with 2 consecutive losses and have not won a game in a month.  But they are playing at home and they are led by Peyton Manning.  The Colt’s defense has not been great, but as long as they come up with a couple of stops, Peyton will lead the Colts when they need it.

So I am not sure exactly why I am picking the Colts, but the prediction is the Colts in a close one by 7.

Enjoy the games tomorrow and do not forget to check out my debut as a sports anchor on Bearcat News with Denise Thomas at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KjeeJ_FHABA.

Stay tuned for the next edition of Sportskraze.