“College Football Carousel”

Brian Kelly, Pete Carroll, Lane Kiffin, Skip Holtz, Tommy Tuberville, and I could continue..

All aboard and welcome to the carousel that is coaching in big time college football.  Once the regular season comes to a close in the beginning/middle of December, college football become likes  a rollercoaster at an amusement park for coaches.  They never know when to stop or go.  There is little if no job security.  Teams are busy preparing for bowl games.  There is one big difference between the college football coaching carousel and a typical rollercoaster at an amusement park though..

Rollercoasters at amusement parks cannot lie.  If they are not safe, they are shut down without hesitation.  How often do you here of an accident on a rollercoaster at a Six Flags Amusement Park?  It just doesn’t happen.  On the other hand, college football coaches consistently lie to their players, schools, and the cities they coach in.  Where is the integrity?  Why can’t coaches just be honest with their aspirations and future plans?

Well welcome to big time college athletics.   National signing day is rapidly approaching and is set for February 3rd.  This day is a key component and really the lifeblood to the success of all college football programs.  If you do not recruit solid players to your institution, then you will not have a successful program.  I do not care if you are Houdini.  It is a must to get talented players who will work towards the goals that you set out for them as a coach.

So is there a solution to this problem that can help prevent the heartbreak that schools such as Cincinnati, USC, and Tennessee felt this offseason?  Well there is one idea that comes to mind for me that would definitely of helped a school like Cincinnati this year.  Move the signing day back to March.  Just move it back one month.  By doing this, coaches like Brian Kelly could stay and coach the bowl game and not feel like they blew their shot at nabbing some key players to their new program last minute.  I mean people will still be frustrated.  But as a player, you want to play for the man that was your head coach the whole year and led you to your respective bowl game.  It is tough for any interim coach to step in and lead a team to a victory in a big time bowl atmosphere.

I mean moving the signing date may not prevent the lying that goes on from these head coaches that make more than all of the faculty and staff at their respective institutions combined, but it will at least give coaches the leeway to finish their season right before jumping ship.

So what are your thoughts on this problem that seems to occur every year somewhere in the country?  Is there a solution and a way to prevent the heartbreak?

Stay tuned for the next edition of Sportskraze.


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