“A Matchup of Great Hair”

At 9 tonight, the number 2 ranked Kentucky Wildcats take on Florida in a big time SEC matchup.  This might be the best shot America has at seeing the Wildcats lose a game before postseason play begins.  If we are going to be realistic,  the Wildcats on paper are by far superior to all opponents that they will be taking on in the SEC this year.  This is not football, and the SEC is not what it once was in basketball. 

I guess Tennessee is another potential stumbling block in February.  The Vols are coming off their huge win over the Jayhawks, but this game tonight has a lot of buzz and hype, and rightfully so.  This is only the Wildcats second true road game of the year.  This will be a real test for a very young and talented Wildcat squad.  That Gator chomp down in Gainesville has proven to be pretty intimidating over the years for most opponents.

The best matchup of the night though in my eyes.  Billy Donovan vs John Calipari.  These two great coaches share one main common attribute.  They both have phenomenal hair.  Which man has the better hair?  But in all seriousness though.  UK continues to improve with every game and though they played a little sloppy against Georgia this past weekend, they still got the W.  America is always excited to see the John Wall show in a year where there are not too many big name guys turning heads.

Wall has lived up to all the billing and continues to impress with each game.  This Kentucky team is loaded and appears to be the cream of the crop in the NCAA this year.  They have the size, speed, talent, athleticism, and a coach who has been there before.  If this team stays healthy, these guys seem to be a Final Four no brainer.

So enjoy the John Wall show on primetime tonight.  Maybe we will get to see him do the “John Wall” dance after one of his thunderous dunks.

But in all seriousness, the matchup of who has the better hair may be more competitive than the actual game tonight.

If only Tim Tebow could play tonight for the Gators..

Stay tuned for the next edition of Sportskraze.



8 responses to ““A Matchup of Great Hair”

  1. “Get used to it America, Kentucky is a real threat to win the title. If you didn’t believe it before Tuesday, you have no excuse now.” Andy Katz

    • Matt,
      Andy Katz is jsut stating what everybody already knew there. The Wildcats are undefeated and should coast through a mediocre SEC.

      We may see and undefeated UK squad heading into postseason play.


  2. this is definitely my favorite title for a post so far. if you can’t say anything nice, at least compliment the hair

  3. Baby,

    I hope you have great hair someday. That way when you’re on ESPN people can write about your “phenomenal hair” 🙂


    Your Girl

    • Your Girl,
      I will probably have to have great hair to get on ESPN someday. It would be a dream fulfilled though if I was working on ESPN and people were sitting there like “Wow, that Josh Kramer guy has great hair.

      For all I know I may be bald in a few years..


  4. This is a typical Josh way of thinking. Complimenting KY, even though you can sense the need to bash a little. Only you would write about a coaches hair.

    • Gooch,
      You are right on point with this. Just something for you to think about. A lot of years the best and most talented team in the country does not win the title..


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