“Where is the Entertainment?”

The NFL Playoffs got under way yesterday.  The excitement going into the games was quickly hushed by utterly lopsided games.  I thought this was the League with the most parity?  These games have not even been close thus far.  And the Cardinals appear to be well on their way to a blowout of the Packers which would thus complete a very uneventful “Wild Card Weekend.”

Hey at least there was some fantastic College Basketball games this weekend.  Bo Ryan’s Wisconsin Badger’s continued to impress ending Purdue’s quest for an undefeated season.  Bob Huggin’s Mountaineers were knocked off in South Bend in a very strange, but exciting game.  Duke was knocked off by a surprising Georgia Tech squad.  And I could go on and on with the day of chaos that was in College Basketball.  This is just the beginning as we head towards March madness.

But what is going on with the NFL playoffs thus far?  The Bengal’s did not play like an AFC North Champion yesterday and were defeated somewhat handily by the Jets at home.  It was a very disappointing ending to a season full of adversity for the Who Dey’s out of Cincinnati.  The Eagles, who looked so hyped coming out of the tunnel, were blown out by an upstart Cowboy’s team.  This was the Cowboy’s first playoff win since 1996.  Hard to believe.  The Ravens today went into Foxborough and dispatched the juggernaut that once was in New England.  I have never seen Tom Brady look so bad throwing 3 very unwarranted interceptions.  Joe Flacco needed to throw just 10 times in this game for 34 yards and his team won big.  People would prefer to watch a team pass and this game was dominated by the Raven’s outstanding running attack.  Also I thought I would add that Ray Lewis had 13 tackles.  He is showing no signs of aging.  And now the Cardinals are currently toying with a Packers team that everyone thought had a chance to make some real noise in the NFC.

I am just very disappointed at this point.  Now the Packers could come back and turn this into a competitive game.  And who knows what is in store next weekend and the weekends to come as it all culminates on February 7th in the Super Bowl.  But at this point, NFL, please give me some entertainment.

Stay tuned for the next edition of Sportskraze.



4 responses to ““Where is the Entertainment?”

  1. The Bengals were outplayed and outcoached. They have not played well since 11/22 and Carson and his receivers had a poor year. Carson is no longer Carson it seems.
    I guess the Pats could not win without that extra advantage they used to have. Dallas is hot right now and Arizona is highly underated especially on the east coast.
    Let the games continue.

    • Gooch,
      I wholeheartedly agree. The Bengals really played poorly down the stretch and Palmer did not put up the numbers he is capable of. I think that the play calling hurt Carson’s numbers, but also his accuracy is not what it once was.

      The Patriots just got flat whipped today by a determined Ravens team. And I completely agree about Dallas and Arizona. I am just happy that the Arizona game actually was entertaining.


  2. What a game AZ – GB turned out to be!

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