Daily Archives: January 9, 2010

“Get Out While You Can”

A story that is capturing both the College Football world and the NFL by storm is the sudden firing of Seahawks first year coach Jim Mora, and the hiring of Pete Carroll from USC.  Initially this all was extremely surprising to me.  I know that Mora went 5 and 11, but I thought they would give him one more year to get settled in Seattle.  It is never easy to take over a new team and win in your first year at the helm. And then I was even more surprised to hear Pete Carroll, a coach who makes 4.4 million a year at USC, was picking up and leaving.  Then I took a second to think about it.  And is it really that far-fetched?

As I have talked about in a few of my past blog editions, Trojanville is a troubling place.  It is like a professional team.  They are constantly in and out of trouble with the NCAA and the basketball program was just officially busted.  It is just a matter of time before the football program gets put on a major probationary period and is unable to take part in bowl games for a couple of years.  So Pete obviously knows more about what goes on behind the scenes at USC than me or you.  Pete got out.  He just had his second worst season in his tenure at USC taking 4 losses, and he knows trouble is on the horizon in Trojanville.

So why not step out and test the pro waters while the opportunity is still there?  Can you blame Pete?  I mean he has been a head coach with both the Patriots and Jets already.  In 4 years as an NFL head coach, he went 33 and 31.  Which is not so bad considering most coaches in today’s league struggle to reach the 500 marker and that is why there is such high job turnover in the game today.

He has won a National Title and multiple Rose Bowls at USC.  Why not take another shot at the NFL and get out of Trojanville before war breaks out?  Best of luck to Pete in his time with the Seahawks.  Hopefully he enjoys the rainy weather.

So what happens in Trojanville?  Who will be the next head coach and is the program on the verge of some major issues?

Stay tuned for the next edition of Sportskraze.