“A True Number 1?”

The Tide rolled to the National Championship with a 37 to 21 victory over Texas last evening in Pasadena.  In doing so, Nick Saban became the first coach to win 2 BCS National Championships (the other is Urban Meyer).  Last evening’s game took a major hit when Texas star QB, Colt McCoy, was injured on the Longhorn’s second offensive series.  Without McCoy, Texas had to turn to a true freshman in Garret Gilbert to lead the troops.

Gilbert calmed down after a rough first half and played a great 3rd quarter.  Jordan Shipley was phenomenal last evening with 10 catches.  He is a huge reason Texas was anywhere within striking distance.  Both of these teams have strong defenses, but in the end the loss of McCoy was too much for the Longhorns to endure.    Not to point fingers, but Malcolm Williams had some crucial drops as did many of the Longhorn receivers.  Maybe they were not used to Gilbert’s spiral verse McCoy’s?  We will never know but their drops really cost them any chance at winning.  In addition, what was the Texas offensive coordinator thinking at the end of the first half.  Just take a knee or run the ball please.  Without that blunder, you may have won the game!

Nick Saban knows he escaped with this victory.  His team had zero 3rd downs in the 3rd quarter.   I am not quite sure how you let your team fall asleep at halftime of the National Championship game?  Saban somehow did it and escaped with the victory.  I still feel that Saban is a great coach, but last night was not one of his better performances in my eyes.  So the real question I have.  Is Alabama truly better than Florida?

I know that Bama handled them in their head to head meeting and are therefore worthy of this title.  But do you really think Bama could beat Florida 6 times out of 10?  Do you think Tim Tebow would lose to Bama again? 

If only Texas could have put Vince Young behind center when McCoy went down..

Stay tuned for the next edition of Sportskraze.


4 responses to ““A True Number 1?”

  1. Worth mentioning here is the performance of Rolando McClain for ‘Bama. I was watching the game with some UC football players, who concurred that he’s a much better player than B.Spikes from Florida.

    Congrats to ‘Bama but all I got to say is watch out for ‘Canes 2010 Baby! The U

    • BPS,
      Very valid input there. Jacory Harris and those swagger filled Canes should be tough next year. I do not feel that bowl game performance against Wisconsin is an indication of what they are capable of next year.

      They are a young team and will be tough to beat in the ACC next season.


  2. I think Florida beats Bama 8 out of 10. McElroy is not a QB to take over a game, like Tebow is. I think Urban Meyer played the Alabama game wrong. If you McElroy beats you, fine. You should have done whatever you could to stop Ingram.

    We will never know.

  3. Max,
    I completely agree. Florida should have been the National Champion this year. Alabama was definitely the second best team though in my eyes and well deserving of the title in that they defeated the Gator Nation.


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