Daily Archives: January 6, 2010

“Orange Bowl Prediction”

This evening, in another pretty lackluster BCS Bowl matchup, the Big Ten meets the ACC.  Iowa versus Georgia Tech.  Size of the Big Ten versus one of the ACC’s faster squads.   Neither of these conferences were thought of too highly this season, but these are both top ten teams for the moment.    This is probably the least anticipated of the BCS bowl games, but in my opinion should be a pretty competitive game. 

These teams are pretty much opposites.  Georgia Tech has a high-powered offense while Iowa wins behind a stingy defense.  The Yellow Jackets run a unique spread option offense.  This offense really gives teams fits who have not seen it or something similar before.  Iowa’s front 7 will really be tested in this one and should be apt to the challenge.  Do not sleep on the size of the front 7’s in the Big Ten.  Size is definitely a department that the Big Ten is not lacking in.

In my opinion these are both pretty evenly matched teams.  The difference in this game.  Paul Johnson is a better coach than Kirk Ferentz in my eyes.  Even though Iowa starting QB, Ricky Stanzi, returns for this game and was 9 and 0 as the starter, I feel that Paul Johnson will have his guys more prepared for this one.  Both teams have had nearly a month to think about this game.  These bowl games generally favor the teams with strong coaches even more than regular season games in that coaches have almost a full month to prepare.  Give a mastermind a month to prepare and see what happens.  For example Urban Meyer with the Sugar Bowl..

So the prediction here is a 7 to 10 point victory for the ACC champion Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets.  Look for this to be a pretty close game throughout though.

Stay tuned for the next edition of the Sportskraze.