“Futile Fiesta Bowl”

Last evening, Boise State and TCU matched up in a very lackluster Fiesta Bowl rumble of unbeaten teams.  These teams were both hosed by the BCS system and neither got the shot they deserved at respect.  People will say, sure Boise went 14 and 0, but they did not knock off a major SEC or Big 12 team in the bowl season.  Well you know what, Boise had a fantastic year and deserves more respect, but they will not get it.

As we have become accustomed to with Boise in big games, a trick play was the difference maker. The trick play, called, “Riddler,” on a 4th and 9, was executed to perfection and really stunned the Horned Frogs.  Now was the actual game a great game?  No not really.  It was a game where 2 of the top 5 offenses in the country sputtered offensively throughout.  Points and yards were few and far to come by.  This made for a close game, but not the most entertaining of sporting spectacles. 

The MVP in my eyes has to be the Boise punter Brotzman.  Not only did he execute “Riddler” to perfection and complete a 29 yard pass, he pinned TCU at their one yard line with a great punt late in the 4th.  In a game like this, where both teams were struggling offensively, field position and special teams are that much more important.  Boise won the battle of special teams and won the game.

In my opinion, this game demonstrates a couple of main reasons why there needs to be a playoff.  First of all, both of these undefeated teams, from non BCS conferences were matched up.  So the BCS system was able to protect itself, giving neither of these teams an opportunity to knock off one of the so-called BCS “Big Boys.”  Is this really fair to either of these fine football teams?  Secondly, the BCS bowls create nearly a month layoffs for these teams.  With a month layoff, teams lose a lot of the offensive rhythm and fluidity that they had developed down the stretch of the regular season.  Both of these teams were averaging over 40 points a game coming into the Fiesta Bowl.  Together, they mustered just 27 points combined in this one.

Please provide a playoff soon College Football.  This way, there will be no arguments on who belongs in the championship game and who the true champion is (or at least less arguments than there are now).  It will also get rid of the ridiculous break between the last regular season game and bowl game that leads to many teams not playing the way that they are capable of.  A playoff would appeal to fans more than the system already in place.  There has to be a way to make more money with more fan appeal. 

After all, isn’t the BCS system and College Football about money?

Stay tuned for the next edition of Sportskraze.



4 responses to ““Futile Fiesta Bowl”

  1. I agree there definately needs to be a playoff system put in place. But what you must understand is there is ten teams that get into the BCS games right now and if you would have an eight game playoff Boise State wouldnt have even been in the playoffs. If you were to do a sixteen game playoff then you are taking away from the rest of the bowl games. There is definately an answer to a playoff system but it is not as easy as people think.

    • BA,
      You bring up a valid point there in that 10 teams get to play in BCS games rather than having an 8 team playoff. But the major issue in my eyes is those teams that are considered the 3rd or 4th best in the country that have no chance to win the National Title because they have not been invited to the National Championship game..

      Now I realize both Cincinnati and TCU, the two teams that many thought had an argument to go to the National Championship game were defeated in their bowl games, but was it right last year when Texas got left out.

      I would rather have a team that is ranked 9th or 10th, who is considered to be on the edge of BCS worthy teams miss out, then have a team that is undefeated and ranked in the top 4 not be able to play for a National Title.

      In my opinion it is the lesser of two evils. Though you do bring up a valid point.


  2. IMO the winner of Boise St. vs. TCU should play winner of Texas vs. Bama. I think alot of it does come down to conference and SOS (strength of sched.) and WAC and to some extent even the big east in many peoples eyes is not comparable to the Big 12, SEC and even sometimes the Big10 and Pac10 (even though i believe both of those to be overrated).

    The BCS does account for SOS i’m pretty sure, although not positive. If TCU played a stronger out of conference sched, or Boise St did (which they can control), then maybe they would be playing in the national championship. I think if UC had a quality win over a top 10 team, say, OSU or even a TCU or Oregon, they would have a much stronger argument.

    I would like to see a playoff though, the I-A does it, why can’t Div. 1. Have top 16 teams in the playoffs and theyd play 4 extra games. Have top 8 teams and they play 3. Don’t get why it hasnt happened.

    • Max,
      All valid points. We all want to se the move to the 8 team playoff. The reason why it has not happened in my eyes is the money. I feel they could make money by having an 8 team playoff but I have not figured out the financials yet.


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