“Liberty Bowl Disgrace”

Yet another SEC team survived due to field goal woes of their opponent.  Auburn survived the other day against Northwestern, and Arkansas joined the club yesterday.  East Carolina’s place kicker, Ben Hartman, a senior nonetheless, missed 4 field goal attempts!

I do not care how cold it is.  4 misses in one game, all from inside 45 yards?  You are a division one kicker and a senior.  You have no business missing 4 from inside of 45 in one game.  Kicks from inside of 45 should be like clockwork with a clean snap and hold. Now I know there is pressure and all that hoopla, but these were not bad snaps.  These were just straight misses.  There were perfect snaps, perfect holds, and Hartman just blew it.

In this game, the team from the non BCS conference, ECU, truly dominated play.  They had 24 first downs versus just 10 for Arkansas.  Skip Holtz showed why he is one of the premier and most up and coming coaches in America.  He thoroughly outcoached the so-called “big shot” Bobby Petrino.  2 things killed ECU though and caused their demise. 

3 turnovers, and 4 missed field goals.  Give Skip Holtz a place kicker from any of the GCL high school’s in Cincinnati, he would have went home with his second consecutive Liberty Bowl victory.

This edition has been kind of harsh on ECU’s kicker, who I am sure feels horrible about his ineptitude yesterday.  But it is still inexcusable and is a sad way for him to end his college career.  It is sad that all of the ECU’s seniors have to end with a loss in this type of fashion.

I will say that any big schools looking to fill a coaching vacancy should look no further than Skip Holtz.  This man can get flat out get the job done, and I can only imagine the success he would have a big time program with a roster full of highly sought after recruits..

Any thoughts?

Stay tuned for the next edition of Sportskraze.


2 responses to ““Liberty Bowl Disgrace”

  1. So what you are really saying here is that if you take Alabama and Florida out of the SEC, the rest of the conference is nothing special. Mediocre at best. Maybe a little Sugar Bowl sour grapes there Kraze, but you are correct.

    • Gooch,
      There are some grapes and a bias. But the SEC has been made out to be this juggernaut. They are the best conference at this time. From top to bottom though, they are not as deep as everyone thinks. Other than Bama, Florida, and LSU (who got beat by a mediocre Penn State team), they aren’t that strong. These teams like Auburn, Tennessee, South Carolina, and Ole Miss are not so great. They are decent teams but people make it out like they would win the Big East or ACC. There is no way.


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