Daily Archives: December 31, 2009

“NBA Joke or Fun”

So I am currently in New Orleans to cheer on my Bearcats in the Sugar Bowl against the Tim Tebow led Florida Gators.  Upon arriving yesterday, the group of guys that I came down here with decided to go the Hornets vs Heat game.  Tickets were only $12!  Little did I know the entertainment that was in store.

So first of all we decided to walk the 7 blocks to the arena.  This was a horrible decision in that it was pouring outside.  So upon arriving at the arena, I was soaked.  While walking to the arena, one of my buddies asked what the name of the Hornets arena was.  I said that I was not sure and figured that it was named after some company like most arenas across the country. 

The name of the Hornets arena is “New Orleans Arena.”  How creative right?  So when we got there, it is about 25 minutes before game time and 75% of the seats were still open in the arena.  I will note that we did get a free T-shirt about using a designated driver with the Hornet’s logo upon walking in to the arena.  So we go to our seats and realize that we want to move up closer.  So we do because we can.  I thought this was supposed to be an NBA team that featured arguably the best point guard in the world in CP3?

After we moved up to better seats I went to go get something to eat.  Ball game arenas never disappoint in prices.  I got a tiny $6 hot dog that did not even taste good.  Of course you had to spend $3.50 on water which you could only get in the bottled form.  Maybe I like tap water better?  So finally it is game time.

There was a really cool intro when introducing the Hornets starters with a neat light show and all that jazz which was impressive.  Then the game got going.  The Hornets jumped out to an early lead and continued to expand it as the game progressed.  This was a typical NBA game.  Filled with high-flying dunks, fancy passes, and a lackadaisical effort on defense.  Watching Dwayne Wade soar to the rim though is still amazing to see in person.  I will never understand why music plays during actual game action though.  This has become the norm across all NBA arenas.  As the game progresses, I feel like I am at a Minor League Baseball game.  I have never seen so many promotions and hoopla in my entire life.  Every single stoppage in play there is a dumb promotional campaign going on.  I thought this was the NBA, where this nonsense did not need to happen?  I will make note that at halftime we got to see the Amazing Chris do his Michael Jackson impression.  This was a very funny halftime show where a guy danced while holding up 4 dummies who were dancing in line with him.  Try looking this up on Google if you ever get a chance.

So eventually the Hornets expanded the lead to 17.  The game appeared to be all but over.  But in the NBA, no game is ever over.  As the 4th quarter progressed, there were many sketchy calls, amazing drives by Dwayne Wade, and all the sudden the Heat were down by 1!  In the end the Hornets prevailed and it was just another night in the League.

On a final note, I would like to state that my group got on the Jumbo Tron dancing to the song “Jump On It” during a stoppage in play with 8 seconds left in the 4th Quarter.  This was the first time that I have ever gotten on the Jumbo Tron at a game which was pretty cool.

So just another night in the League in New Orleans.  Did I get my money’s worth?  I do know that Bourbon Street after the game was one of the neatest things that I have ever experienced.

Stay tuned for the next edition of Sportskraze.