“All I Want for Christmas..”

I feel let down.  I feel betrayed.  The prime time game of the day which I had really been looking forward to was mediocre at best.  The Lakers decided to take a holiday and are now 4 and 7 the last 11 years on Christmas.  I watched a good piece of the Knicks/Heat game and the Celtics/Magic games prior to the big time matchup at the Staples Center.  Neither of these games were too entertaining.  But I sat down and was very excited to tune in and watch the Kobe vs Lebron show.

The two best players in the League, with two of the top teams in the League doing battle under the bright lights in LA.  I mean what could really be a better matchup for the NBA or the fans?  You really could not ask for much more in the main game of the day on Christmas.  Even all the stars were court side for this one.

 Unfortunately, Ron Artest was guarding Lebron, while Anthony Parker was guarding Kobe.  So neither of the stars were really even matched up.  Not to mention the game was somewhat of a landslide.  The Cavs took command midway through the first quarter and minus a small hiccup at the end of the first half, were in control of this one.

This was not the Lake show that fans have been accustomed to watching all year.  The bench was nonexistent in their efforts and Kobe was basically a one man team.  The twin towers of Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum did not come to play today and it showed.  Kobe cannot will the Lakers to victories against talented teams like the Cavaliers without help from his frontcourt.  I mean Kobe cannot really do much more than he did today.  Though he put up too many shots,  he still had 35 points, 9 rebounds, and 8 assists.  Also take note that he was 12 of 12 from the free throw line.

Lebron, had more of a quite performance than usual.  But he still had 26 points, 4 rebounds, and 9 assists.  The man who really came up big for the Cavs was  Mo Williams.  He consistently hit big time shots that kept Cleveland ahead comfortably when the Lakers were making runs. Mo was 3 of 3 from long-range and 9 of 10 from the charity stripe.

So yes it was nice to see both stars on the same floor.  But we really did not get a chance to see them go mono y mono, or see what they were capable of in a close game against each other.  Kobe and Lebron were together more today on commercials than they were in isolation situations on the court.  This was just a shame for all the fans that really wanted to see the two stars matched up.

I hope the next time these two teams face off, the Lakers will come ready to play and show why they have the best record in the NBA.  I mean when both of these teams are clicking on all cylinders, they are two of the best in the League.  I am just very disappointed that I did not get to see Kobe and Lebron go at it in a down to the wire battle.

Big win for the Cavaliers today.  They really showed that they are capable of going on the road and beating the League’s best in prime time. 

Though Kobe scored more points today, Lebron’s team got the job done.  So Lebron moves to 7 and 5 all time against Mr. Bryant.  Should be very interesting when these teams face off in Cleveland later this season.

Though I do not celebrate Christmas, I did not get what I wanted on this day..

Stay tuned for the next edition of Sportskraze.



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