Daily Archives: December 24, 2009

“A Dull Day in the Sporting World”

The big day is almost upon us.  Yes, Christmas Eve is here.  So for those of us who do not celebrate Christmas, what is there to do?  I will tell you what.  There is not too much to watch within the sporting realm.  It is a very rough schedule full of nothing.  Now I realize this is partly because most people are celebrating the wonderful holiday with their families, but this is just awful. 

There is one game on during primetime tonight though.

This is a game that will be capturing an immense audience across the country.  You got it, the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl.  7 and 5 SMU takes on the high-flying attack of Nevada.  I mean it is neat that it is SMU’s first bowl game in 25 years.  Most people do not realize that SMU had a dreadful 1-11 season just a year ago.  So this is a huge deal for SMU.  Also,  Nevada does have an offense that had 3 guys rush for over a 1000 yards.  But I mean is this really a game that you want to watch in primetime?  A primetime game is normally the highlight of my night.  And on Christmas Eve, where I do not have much else to do, it is definitely the highlight of my night.  This game, not so much.

I guess the best alternative is to find a good movie on HBO to watch and call it a night.  Personally, I would much rather watch an entertaining ball game during the primetime viewing hours, but tonight a good movie is looking to be the better option over the Sheraton Bowl.

At least tomorrow, the NBA provides some great entertainment for the sporting world.  There are a total of 5 games on tv.  But the two big games are the Celtics vs Magic and of course Kobe vs Lebron (Lakers vs Cavaliers).  Arguably the 4 best teams in the league are playing and it should be an awesome day to watch some pro ball.  It is a shame that Paul Pierce will be sidelined for tomorrow’s action, but nonetheless, they will be exciting games to view.  I will provide more on these games tomorrow.

So everyone please enjoy your Christmas Eve.  For those of us who do not partake in the Christmas festivities, find a good movie to watch.  Because the sporting world is taking a day off too.

Stay tuned for the next edition of Sportskraze.