Daily Archives: December 23, 2009

“The NFL Trojans”

The USC Trojans will be participating in the Emerald Bowl on Saturday against Boston College.  This should be an entertaining bowl game, but definitely a different atmosphere from what Trojan Nation is accustomed to this time of year.  Since Pete Carroll has taken over at USC, the team has participated in a BCS Bowl game almost every year and is normally looked at as a team that could compete with weaker NFL squads.

The Trojans recently are the team that tanks a game every year.  This off week prevents them from making it to the National Title game due to the great BCS system that governs College Football.  That has been the Trojan story for some time now.  This year appeared to be the same way until the Trojans started losing multiple games.  Many just assumed USC would be a national title contender like they are every year.  A very young team led by a freshman quarterback made it inevitable that this team would have some struggles this season. After a couple of losses USC seemed to have given up on their season and ended the season 8 and 4.  This was their worst season since 2001.

USC has been making headlines all week with players being ruled academically ineligible for the bowl game and now their star running back looks to be unable to participate in the game.   Many think that McKnight broke rules by using an SUV that was given to him by a local businessman.  Would you expect any different in Trojan central?  Remember Reggie Bush and his family receiving a home?  Remember OJ Mayo making headlines a couple of years ago for breaking NCAA rules at USC?

What type of practice are they running in Trojanville?  I mean obviously the football program has produced some great NFL players in recent memory.  They have put out some outstanding teams and many people are fans of the Trojans.  Pete Carroll is a great coach who is always giving back to the community.  But give me a break Pete.  Take control of what is going on between your boosters and players. 

I realize that the area surrounding USC is a pro town.  So scandals will occur.  But with all the good that Pete Carroll does in the community, he should be able to take control of his players.  So my question for you is what are your thoughts on what Pete Carroll can do to protect his players from the riches of boosters and paparazzi?  What can he do to protect his program from the limelight of the pro city?

Can Pete Carroll keep the Trojans clean or will these scandals continue on for years to come?

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