“Far From Bigger than the Game Favre”

The Minnesota Vikings put on their worst performance of the season yesterday and were defeated handily by the Carolina Panthers 26 to 7.  So the Vikings fall to 11 and 3 and are still in great position for a deep playoff run.  They even clinched the division title yesterday due to the Steelers thrilling victory over the Packers.

So the real story of the game yesterday.  Coach Childress tried to protect his QB Favre and rest him during the 4th quarter.  Favre was getting hit early and often by the Panthers D-Line.  Julius Peppers got a good piece of the veteran on numerous occasions.  The Vikings had clinched the division going into the game due to the Packers losing to the Steelers.  Favre referred to the sideline discussion with Childress as a “heated discussion” in press conferences following the game while Childress really downplayed the situation.  So who is wearing the pants in this relationship?

Generally you would think the Coach would be in charge.  But in this case, Favre is running the show.  ESPN today has brought up reports of an instance earlier in the season against the Packers where Favre changed the play at the line of scrimmage.  This audible was deliberately going against what Childress and the Vikings offensive coordinator wanted Favre to do in the situation. Childress wanted to sit Favre again in this situation and Favre won out in the argument.  Most, including myself were unaware of this earlier encounter.  In both instances, Favre won the battle against Childress and showed who was the boss.  Favre loves doing commercials for Wrangler Jeans and apparently loves wearing the pants in relationships with his coaches.  Childress should take some pointers from Mike Holmgren on how to handle Mr. Favre.

Childress really needs to man up and take control of “his” team.  Favre always falls off at the end of the year.  This year is proving no different.  In each of the last 5 years, Favre has thrown more interceptions than touchdowns in the last 5 games of the season.  This year is shaping up the same way.  Childress probably believes the solution is getting Favre a little rest before the playoffs in that the team has already clinched.  The Vikings have done so well that they have the luxury to rest their superstar quarterback.  I completely agree with Childress.  Favre is far from a young gun these days and needs some rest.  If he does not get any rest, the Viking’s chances of making the Super Bowl will be severely minimized.

Now Favre is having a great season on the whole.  The Vikings are an outstanding team that has the potential to go to the Super Bowl this year.  So is Favre bigger than the team?  Will this encounter have any affect on how the Vikings perform down the stretch?  And do you think Childress needs to man up and take control?

The past couple of years Favre has received more media attention than any player in the League.  Maybe he is bigger than the game.

Stay tuned for the next edition of Sportskraze.



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