“Volleyball Mission Impossible”

This evening I got to tune in and watch the last couple of games of the NCAA Women’s Volleyball Championship.  Now I am not going to lie, if Time Warner carried the NFL Network, then I probably would have been watching the Saints/Cowboys game.  Boy I am glad that I did not have that option because the football game was a blowout, while this volleyball championship was simply amazing.

Now I do not know too much about volleyball.  Never played the sport competively.  But regardless of whether you know the sport or not, this was exciting stuff.  Girls putting everything they have onto the floor.  There was yelling and screaming, high-flying girls, power spikes, amazing diving stabs, and good looking girls.  I mean what else could you really ask for?

These girls tonight really showed me how competitive and athletic volleyball players are. Most of these girls had amazing vertical leaps, great hands, and the ability to lay it all on the line.  Not to mention these girls got hyped.  Most male athletes do not show the intensity that the girls demonstrated in this volleyball match tonight.  You could see the fire and intensity in all of their eyes.

So besides my amazement with the overall play and intensity of the athletes, there was an amazing streak on the line.

Penn State, the winner of the past 2 National Titles heading into tonight had a 101 match win streak heading it tonight.  After losing the first two games this evening to an outstanding and determined Texas Longhorn team, the Nittany Lions dug deep.  They reached deep enough to win the last 3 games, notching a record 3rd straight National Title and their 102nd consecutive victory.  The seniors on this team have not lost since September of 2007!

Lets think about the streak.  102 straight wins? This is absolutely absurd.  I mean teams have won back to back titles, but how many have gone undefeated also in those title seasons.  This is currently the 2nd longest winning streak in any sport in NCAA history.  The Miami men’s tennis team notched 137 straight victories over a seven-year stretch in the late 50’s and early 60’s.

Hats off to both teams in really putting on an outstanding performance.  Maybe people will realize how entertaining this sport actually is to the point where they show more matches on ESPN other than the semifinals and finals.

I now will attend more volleyball games at my school solely due to how entertaining and fun to watch this match was on ESPN tonight.  I hope Penn State gets to celebrate and enjoy the moment. Go get Joe Paterno and savor this.  Simply amazing is the only way to describe this feat.

Stay tuned for the next edition of Sportskraze.



3 responses to ““Volleyball Mission Impossible”

  1. YAY! you dedicated a blog to womens sports. you’re the best kraze! let’s go watch some UC women’s volleyball

    • Sarah,
      I am definitely game to go and indulge in some UC women’s volleyball next season. Very entertaining stuff. Still cannot get over how good those teams were last night.


  2. I saw it too and it was fun to watch. The players were great athletes and volleyball is a fun and entertaining sport.

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