Daily Archives: December 19, 2009

“Round 14: Pursuit of Perfection”

The Saints look to continue their magical journey tonight and clinch home field throughout the playoffs.  They go up against a Dallas team tonight that is in desperate need of a victory and has really struggled in December the past few years.  This season has proved no different, and the 8 and 5 Cowboys realize that this game is a must win.  Not only to keep their playoff hopes alive, but to prove that they can play with the big dawgs. 

So there is no question that the Saints will be going at tonight’s game with all their starters and the utmost intensity.  They are not only looking to play for perfection, but they look to secure home field advantage throughout the playoffs.  Coach Sean Payton has made it clear that the Saints will not rest any of their starters even if they have clinched home field.  He wants to go out and win them all.  Who can blame the guy.  The Saints are on the verge of something special and Payton tends to be a guy who lives in the moment and does not look too far ahead.

This years Saints have done a fine job at enthralling the city and giving them something fun to talk about.  Katrina is becoming more and more of a mere memory.  New Orleans has really come together through the Saints.  The Superdome is a sanctuary in the city.  And I am sure tonight it will be rocking as much as ever.  This is just a prime example of some of the good that professional sports can do.  They are more than just sports teams.  They can really bring a city together and bring joy to its residents.  Sports truly are a microcosm of society.

Though the Saints have not been winning in the prettiest fashion lately, a win is a win.  Can anyone take away the Ohio State Buckeyes National Title in 02 in which they won ugly every week?  No sir.  Wins are wins and they count the same. 

 Drew Brees is in my opinion the best quarterback in the game at this time.  Peyton Manning has had a better career, but I feel Brees is playing better at this point in time.  The Saints have finally figured out how to use the supremely talented Reggie Bush.  Guys like Darren Sharper have come in and done a fantastic job.  The list could go on and on.  I just feel like there is way too much firepower on this Saints team for the Cowboys to keep up.  The only way Dallas wins this game is if their running attack controls the clock tonight.  Marion Barber and Felix Jones will really have to come to play.  The best way to beat a team like the Saints is to pound the ball on them and keep Drew Brees and that unbelievable offensive attack on the sideline.

So tonight, we will have 2nd team move to 14-0.  This will be a first in NFL history.  So the real question is which one of these teams ends up 19 and 0?  Or will neither of them?  What are your thoughts?

Stay tuned for the next edition of the Sportskraze.