Daily Archives: December 15, 2009

“Back off Randy Moss”

One of the big headlines all day has been talk of Randy Moss tanking plays in the Patriots 20 to 10 victory over the Panthers yesterday.  Chris Gamble was one of the notable Panthers who stated that they knew with their game plan, that Moss would quit during the course of the game.

I feel this is just an utterly ridiculous sentiment by the Panthers, who by the way, lost another game.  When teams are losing, they will look for anything that will make press.  You should never take jabs at your opponents to the media, especially after a loss.  If you look at the replays, Moss probably could have made a stronger effort on a couple of plays and yes he had some unusual drops.  This all comes on a week where Patriots’ players were sent home for showing up late to practice. 

According to NFL Analyst Cris Carter, who played with and mentored Moss in Minnesota, Moss always has taken plays off.  It is just coming out now when the Patriots are receiving all this unwarranted press and are not looking like the powerhouse of old.  When a team wins, most of the bad things are overlooked.  When a team is not winning, or in this case, not winning at their usual rate, bad press comes out.  It is the name of the game in professional sports. 

Either way, the Patriots are still 8 and 5 and sit atop their division.  They are on track to make the playoffs once again and it is a shame that the press on Moss is taking away from a career day for Wes Welker.  Welker tied the NFL record for fewest games to hit 100 receptions in a season.  He now has 105 through 11 games.  Welker quietly has turned into the best possession receiver in the League and is Brady’s favorite target.

So maybe Randy Moss did take some plays off yesterday.  Maybe he takes play off every week.  Either way, he has done phenomenal in his time in New England and the Pats through all the turmoil they have endured this season are on track to make the playoffs again.  And everyone knows that the Patriots are never a team that you want to play come playoff time.

So what are your thoughts on Moss?  Does he take plays off every week or was this a first time thing?  Lastly, how far will the Patriots go in the playoffs this year?

Stay tuned for the next edition of Sportskraze.