“The Lake Show”

The Lakers once again wowed the crowd with their 11th straight victory last evening.  The Lake Show is back and look poised to repeat as NBA champions.  This team since the return of Gasol has easily looked like the most dominant team in the League night in and night out.  With a record of 18 and 3, they are on top of the NBA.  They did have a minor setback though last evening with Kobe Bryant fracturing the index finger on his shooting hand.

Bryant has looked like an MVP all season with stellar numbers and leadership.  He is averaging 28.4 points a game and over 4 assists.  The guy can do it all, not to mention that he has a stellar supporting cast this season.  I think a lot of the Laker success this season must be attributed to the great growth and maturity in Andrew Bynum’s game.  The talent was always there, but now there are numbers to back it up.  Not sure what Bynum did in the offseason, but he has turned into an all-star caliber player.  Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum are one of the most lethal frontcourt combos in the league and each is averaging over 17 points and 9 boards a game.  Not to mention the lock down defender Ron Artest is averaging  over 12 a game.

So the injury on Bryant’s hand may slow down the superstar for a few weeks.  This will not stop the Lake Show train from continuing its terror.  The supporting cast is so strong, that they can afford less scoring from Bryant and still grind games out.  This team is full of guys who have been through the fire and know how to win.  Do not be surprised if the Lakers roll up this win streak to 15 or 16 before it ends.

So my question for you all today is how many games can this Laker’s team win?  Can they hit the 70 mark?

Stay tuned for the next edition of Sportskraze.



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