“Remember the Orangemen?”

Do any of you guys remember that team that went down to the lowly Division 2 LeMoyne Dolphins?  If you do, the team that showed up that night is a mere afterthought.  In my opinion, outside of Kansas, this team has put on the best start to the season out of anyone.  They have defeated tough opponents and won handily every game.

I think I remember in a prior edition of this blog saying that the loss to LeMoyne meant nothing and that the Orangemen would still be a top 25 team that made it into the tourney easy.  I think I may of even underestimated the ability of Boeheim’s squad at that time.  I mean who really knew?

This Syracuse team, which was supposed to be somewhat down for a typical Boeheim team seems to be a big time Final Four contender.  They are playing outstanding defense in the typical Boeheim 2-3 zone and they are scoring with an ease and authority.  Four players are averaging double digits on this team with their fifth leading scorer averaging 9.8 a game.  Their attack is extremely balanced and fun to watch.  Boeheim is showing with this team that you do not need to bring in multiple super froshes to have a contender.  Jim is doing things the old-fashioned way and actually developing players into his system rather than riding the coat tails of a one and done guy.  Yes, freshman Brandon Triche has been solid, but the majority of the contributors are seasoned vets who are flourishing in the wonderful Boeheim system.

The Big East looks amazing and Syracuse has vaulted themself into being a prime contender in this conference.  Early on, there is no doubt that the Big East is on top of the College Basketball world with 6 teams in the top 20 in the country.  Now this could all change as the season progresses, but right now, the Big East looks as dominate as it has the past few years.

The Orangemen look very fierce and look poised to make a Final Four run.  With three powder puff games before Big East play starts, Syracuse will be 12 and 0 when Big East play tips off.  Watch out for the Boeheim 2-3 and the balanced play of the Syracuse Orangemen.

So my question for you all is are the Orangemen forreal and who wins the Big East this year?

Stay tuned for the next edition of Sportskraze.



8 responses to ““Remember the Orangemen?”

  1. Kentucky is the best team in the country. Kansas is number 2.

    • Gooch,
      At this point, Kansas would beat UK in my mind. Sherron Collins, Cole Aldrich, and the talent of Xavier Henry would be too much.

      I think Sherron Collins would show freshman phenom John Wall a thing or two about staying under control in a tough, intense game.

      If we are looking at talent. UK is one and Kansas is 2. By the end of the year, if UK keeps gelling, they will be number 1. At this point though I think the Jayhawks would be victorious in this mega match up.


  2. I fully admit my bias, but I disagree Kraze. UK is definitely better than Cuse and I think UK showed real cohesiveness in their first road game at IU today and right now they and Kansas are probably pretty even. I don’t think anyone in the NCAA will be teachin Wall too many lessons at this point. However before today I may have agreed but they are starting to get a full team effort and even the stubborn coach Cal gave them some credit today. Hopefully we’ll get to see in March…

    • Matt,

      I do not think that the Orangemen are better than UK. I do think though that over the course of the season thus far, they have played better winning all of their games by double digit margins.

      I do think UK and Kansas are the 2 top teams in the country right now. Though teams like Syracuse, Villanova, and West Virginia are not too far behind and will be very battle tested coming out of the rugged Big East come March.

      I still feel Kansas would beat UK at this point in the season, but with UK, the sky is the limit. They continue to get better and come March, they could easily leap frog Kansas and be the team to beat in the tourney..


  3. not to mention, Kansas has beat NO ONE. UK has already beat UNC and UConn and a road game at IU all in 7 days

    • Matt,
      Regardless if Kansas has not played too many great teams, they just look awesome. Collins, Aldrich, and Henry are all outstanding. They have a great mix of experience and talent. But you are definitely correct in UK having played a tougher schedule and beaten some tough teams.

      It is hard to say though how good Kansas really is in that they have played no top teams up to this point. I will be very curious to see how they perform at Tennesse on the 10th of January and against their rival Texas later on in the season.

      Only time will tell..


  4. UK, Kansas, West Virginia, 1, 2, and 3 as of right now. BTW, as of now Tournament Cinderellas could be George Mason and Towson State.

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