Daily Archives: December 10, 2009

“Coming out Party?”

Last evening, the Kentucky Wildcats knocked off UCONN in the marquee game of the night.  This game was a part of the annual SEC/Big East challenge and was played at the Mecca, MSG.  Super freshman, John Wall, under the bright lights, had his best game of the season by far and led the Wildcats to a tough 64 to 61 victory.

This Kentucky team has shown much resilience thus far in this young season.  They have won super close games against Miami OH, Stanford, UNC, and now UCONN.  They are really making a statement and are sitting pretty at 9-0.  The one reoccurring theme of all of these tough victories.  The super play of John Wall down the stretch.  Wall had 25 points last night, and came up with big play after big play in the last few minutes of last evening’s contest.

When taking a further look at this stellar freshman, I am definitely sold on his talent.  I am not 100 percent sold on him being a guaranteed number 1 draft pick yet.  His speed and driving ability are outstanding.  Yet he still at times plays out of control, as one could see from his 6 turnovers last evening.  This is typical for many freshman phenoms though early on in the year.  In addition, his defense looks very good at times, and lackluster at others.  In his development as a superstar, the defense will have to continue to improve.  Lastly, he shot consistently from the perimeter last evening.  But typically, he has been a streaky at best perimeter shooter.  As the year progresses, Wall will have to improve the consistency on his shot so he is not just a driving threat, and continue to get better defensively.

The beautiful thing for Wall and the Wildcats though..They are just nine games in which means that Wall is just nine games removed from his high school career.  The team has not even hit SEC play yet and Wall is leading them to big victories over big time programs like UCONN.  So Wall still has time to sell me on if he will be the number 1 pick and a superstar at the level. 

Kentucky enjoy your time with Mr. Wall.  He is definitely a one and done.  At the moment, as much as it cringes me to say, the Wildcats are looking very tough heading into their date with the Hoosiers on Saturday.

So I have two questions for you guys.  First of all, is Wall the number one pick in this year’s upcoming draft?  And who wins the battle of the unbeatens tonight between Syracuse and Florida?

Stay tuned for the next edition of Sportskraze.