“Heisman Race”

The Heisman finalists that are heading to New York on Saturday have been announced.  They are Toby Gerhart , Mark Ingram, Ndamukong Suh, Colt McCoy, and of course the former Heisman winner Tim Tebow.  All 5 finalists are outstanding players that have had great seasons.  Every year it is very tough to decide on who the Heisman winner should be.  Right off the bat though, I feel it is easy to eliminate two of the candidates.

Tim Tebow.  I am sorry sir, but you had a worse season statistically than your past 2 seasons.  Tebow threw for nearly a 1000 less passing yards than he did in his sophomore Heisman Trophy winning season.  Tebow did not win the Heisman last year, and he won’t be winning it this year.  The last straw was not leading his team to the National Championship game. Tebow has had arguably the best College Football career of any player ever, but he did not do enough to garner a second Heisman.  The glory days are over after the Sugar Bowl.  His days of being King of Gainesville will soon be over.  I wish Tim the best of luck in his NFL endeavors, but I do not see him being an All Pro player.

Toby Gerhart has had a phenomenal year.  He has the best statistics of any running back by far.  Only one game where he got held out of the end zone all season, not to mention his lowest rushing total in a game was a still respectable 82 yards.  26 touchdowns is amazing for a running back in a College Football season. Unfortunately, he is on a good team, but not a BCS Bowl worthy team.  The only thing holding Gerhart back from receiving the hardware is his team’s overall record.  If the team had won 11 or 12 games, then he would be the frontrunner for the award without question.  He is a heck of a player with a heck of a future.

The other three guys in my eyes are all definitely in contention.  Suh put on a phenomenal performance in the Big 12 Championship game and could be the first defensive player to receive the reward since 1997.  It is a longshot, but Suh  has had a magical season.  Had his Cornhuskers knocked off Texas, I think that he would have been the frontrunner to win the award.

Then there is Colt McCoy.  He definitely has a great shot in that his team is heading to the National Championship game in Pasadena.  In my opinion though, he did not play well enough in the Big 12 Championship game to deserve the reward.  He nearly ran the clock out on his team which would have cost them the game.  Not to mention he threw a couple of key interceptions that kept Nebraska in the game.  McCoy has a great shot, but I do not think he is worthy.

That leaves Mark Ingram of Alabama.  This guy in my eyes is the frontrunner.  He has been a rock for the number 1 ranked Bama boys and is the best player on a team that is going into the National Title Game.  Take away the lackluster performance at Auburn and it is a no brainer that Ingram wins.  I will still be very surprised though if Ingram does not take home the hardware and become the first Alabama player to enter the Heisman club.

So the pick here is Mark Ingram.  What are your thoughts on who will take home the Heisman on Saturday evening in New York?

Stay tuned for the next edition of the Sportskraze.



8 responses to ““Heisman Race”

  1. My money is on you, Josh. I like your preparation and reasoning. lol

    • Carver,
      I appreciate the compliment. This year no player has really separated himself from the field with a big time “Heisman Moment.” But I feel the steady play of Ingram will earn him the title.


  2. I’d put 500 bones on Ingram.. This award is too political.. Ingram helps Bama smash Florida.. McCoy almost blows the game at Cowboy Stadium.. Suh was never mentioned until last week..

    This award is 100 percent politics and emphasized way too much on the last 1 or 2 games of the season.. Does not represent “the best player in college football” in my opinion.

    • B Dulls,
      I wholeheartedly agree on the utter politicalness of the award each and every year. It is a shame, but it is still a very prestigious honor and an award that all of these guys would love to receive.

      Also, it does not represent the best player in College Football a lot of years. If your team is not ranked in the top few in the country, your chances are slim to none to receive the award. If it was based on the best player, Gerhart of Stanford would have a great shot with the numbers he has put up this year. But he has nearly 0 shot because his team went 8 and 4.

      Very true sentiments you make though.


  3. Helping your team win is a big part of being the best player in the nation. Ingram for Heisman.

    • Deez,
      Give Gerhart a semblance of that supporting cast, and he would be leading a team to the National Title Game. Ingram is worthy, but Gerhart has had a much stronger season.

      I will give Ingram that he has played against tougher competition and you are right about leading your team to victories being a key.


  4. Kraze,
    I love seeing players have great seasons in lesser conferences but when you see Ingram have a statement game against Florida, you have to say Wow. I agree Gerhart has done well this season but put him in Ingram’s position and he will not completely overpower Florida like number 22 did.


    • Deez,
      With all due respect, the Pac 10 is no SEC, but there are still plenty of solid teams. Ingram earned it though with his solid performance against Florida. Without that performance, I really do not know who would of been the frontrunner for Saturday.


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