“The Perfect One is Not So Perfect”

So Tiger Woods finally came out and admitted some of his faults indirectly today.  He says that he is “not perfect.”  I was wondering when the real story of his car accident was going to come out.  Obviously, there is still plenty left for speculation but the consensus is that Tiger has been cheating on his wife and was obviously trying to get out from his home quickly in the wee hours of the morning.

So who is the next athlete that is going to come clean about cheating on their wife, domestic violence, steroids, or something else that is ridiculous.  It just seems like all of today’s biggest superstars cannot keep their noses clean.  Serena, the biggest star in women’s tennis had her not so perfect moment in September.  A Rod came out about the roids earlier this year.  Not to mention he also had a messy divorce due to infidelity.  Kobe Bryant cheated on his wife a few years back.  Ben Roethlisberger is still in the middle of allegations of possibly raping a hotel attendant.

I could go on and on all day talking about the transgressions of the superstar athletes that we all put on a pedestal.  Yes, I still love athletics and love to watch these superstars play.  Most of them though have major faults (not all of them).

So my question for you all today is, which superstar will come out next as not so “perfect?”  I will tell you this.  If it comes out that Derek Jeter, the All American Yankee has been doing the roids, I do not know what I will do.  Baseball, which is still the American pasttime in my eyes will be tarnished for forever.

So which superstar will get into trouble next?

Stay tuned for the next edition of the Sportskraze.



4 responses to ““The Perfect One is Not So Perfect”

  1. Have you ever seen Tiger’s wife? Not that it matters how hot your significant other is in the decision to cheat, but she’s a Swedish model. Come on now Tiger, you’re pushin your luck a bit.
    The life of athletes makes me sick.

    • Sarah,
      Tiger does have a very attractive wife. As does Kobe Bryant and Alex Rodriguez. For these guys, they get great looking women with ease. But yes, you are right that is crazy to have a wife like that and cheat on her. The athletes confuse me but it is becoming a reoccurring theme for the superstars to cheat on their wives.

  2. Hey easy on the athlete comment they get the hottest girls around but that doesn’t mean they are good wives and girlfriends. In the extremely stressful life of an athlete in the public eye I’d rather have a supportive wife then a poster wife. But hey none of us fully know whats going on, and people cheat on their significant others not just the athletes. I hope everything works out for him and his family. If not he can buy seadoo… It is pretty much impossible to not be happy on one of those things.

    -The Diesel

    • Deez,
      I completely understand what you are saying. But lately, it seems to be a very reoccurring theme with the high profile athletes cheating on their wives. And yes, they are in the public eye due to the fact that they are famous athletes, which makes it impossible to hide things in their personal lives.

      But anyways, make sure you subscribe to the RSS feed for the blog if you have not already being the loyal follower of Sportskraze that you are. Shibinksi over break son.


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