“Just Another Big Day in the League”

For those of you who have not really been following, the NBA is coming into full swing.  Though I know it is vastly overshadowed at this time of year by College Football, College Basketball, and the NFL, it is going on.  It is hard to believe, but the year is almost a quarter of the way done.  But today’s big news pertaining to the NBA does not really have to do with ball games going on in the league but player antics.

One of New York’s finest, Ron Artest, came out today and said how he used to drink at halftime of games early in his career when he was with the Bulls.  To be specific he drank “hennessy.”  What a guy.  I mean seriously, nobody smelled it on his breath or had any semblance of knowledge?  Coaches and players let their teammate play knowing that he had been boozing in the locker room?  What a joke.  Let’s pray that he does not do this anymore and he actually is maturing.  Artest has always been relentless on the court, and apparently he is a relentless party animal off the court as well.

In other NBA news, the Answer, is returning to his old home Philadelphia.  As I mentioned in the blog a while back, I think that he should just retire.  But he definitely does still have some play left in his tank.  But is he willing to not be the superstar and be a role player?  The Sixers are Andre Iguodala’s team.  Though they are not a very strong team, they are still his team.  Can AI help turn the Sixers into a contender?  Most likely not, but I wish him the best of luck.

So we got one guy boozing at halftime and another legend returning to the court after a couple of week hiatus.  You got to love the NBA.

Stay tuned for the next edition of Sportskraze.



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