“About Time for the Fine?”

So Serena Williams received the big fine today.  And I mean the biggest fine in professional tennis history.  The fine was in the whopping amount of $82,500 to be handed over to the Grand Slam committee.

At first I was completely baffled at the size of this fine.  I mean it is double the amount of any other fine given in tennis history.  In the grand scheme of things though, Serena made over 6.5 million in prize money during the course of the 2009 season and who knows how much in endorsements and other ventures.  But this is a very steep fine.

In my eyes, it is not so much the steepness of the fine which is the problem.  It is the length of time it took for the fine to come out.  Why did it take so long for them to come out with the punishment?  This incident occurred on September 12th.  Like, does it really take 2 and a half months to come up with a fine?  Serena is one of the shining stars of women’s tennis and ended up the year ranked number 1 in the world.  She is the most well-known female tennis player in the world.  So her actions, obviously should not be condoned, although we have condoned Tiger Wood’s baby antics for years now.  Look at El Tigre now.

If you get a chance, please look back at the actual incident that occurred on the 12th of September in Serena’s semifinal match with the eventual champion Kim Clijsters.  Yes, her actions were way out of line.  But if you look closely at the foot fault call, I do not see how that call could of possibly been made.  It was so close that there is no way that a call gets made like that at that stage in a match.  Now do I think it affected the actual outcome of the match?..No, but it was definitely not a good call.

So Serena is handling this well now and will pay her fine.  Hopefully she can avoid another incident like this for the rest of the career and this can just become a bad memory.  I feel that Serena has shown great maturity in how she is handling this situation compared to how she dealt with it initially.

So my question for you all is, do you think the fine should be this steep?  And do you think if it wasn’t Serena Williams, that the fine would be as heavy as it is?

Stay tuned for the next edition of the Sportskraze.



8 responses to ““About Time for the Fine?”

  1. No way did Serena deserve a fine that big and you are right, why did it take so long for them to impose it? Why $82.5 anyway? How did they come up with that number?

  2. I actually would like to applaud tennis for their actions with the steep fine for Serena Williams. Josh, I agree with your sentiments that the timing was awful, but let’s break down the fine. Tennis deemed her behavior inappropriate. Consequences are meant to deter similar future events. I guarantee no one will act like her now.

    In the NFL, the fines are absolute chunk change to these guys. A $10K fine is not going to stop any of these athletes from doing anything. So how is the NFL actually viewing their policy? Do they fine so low so they can have a steady source of income from players like TO and 85 that continue to act a fool that will gross more NFL income than a one-time hefty fine?

    • Brien,
      Those are all valid sentiments. But Serena’s fine was double any fine ever given. I still feel it is a little steep but you are right on its ability to possibly deter future similar events. And I do not get why it is 82,500 and not 82,000? Where is the 500 coming from..

  3. I think she should be fined whatever she made at that tourney. In other sports players get fined game checks all the time and sometimes more.

    • Brian,
      She made like 350,000 at the tourney. Tennis has never given out more than a 43,000 dollar fine. I do see your point, but it is a progression. This fine was double of any fine ever given in the sport but making the punishments more severe would dissuade future behavior such as what Serena exhibited.

  4. Agree 100% with you Josh. Fine wasn’t the issue, it was the timing.hopefully Serena learns from this incident and leaves the antics at home.

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