“College Football Photo Finish”

Heading into the last weekend of regular season play, there are still many question marks remaining on how this college football season will finish.  One thing is certain though.  The winner of the Florida/Alabama heavyweight SEC title game will be punching a ticket into the National Championship game.  Texas, who looked vulnerable against A&M, will punch a ticket into the National Title Game as well if they defeat Nebraska in the Big 12 Title game.  This is the most likely scenario of what will happen.

But what if Texas loses?  Does a one loss Texas team get into the National Title game over an undefeated TCU or Cincinnati?  This is a very tough call.  Most fingers would point towards Texas still getting in over TCU or Cincinnati, but is it right?  Especially to the Bearcats of Cincinnati, who are in a BCS conference and would deserve a shot if they went undefeated.  Not to mention TCU has looked extremely impressive down the stretch and I do not think anybody wants to play them.  TCU is a team that is playing their best football at this time and could knock off anyone.

Now Cincinnati still has one major game remaining against Big East Rival Pittsburgh.  This will be a great game that decides the Big East Champion.  So what if UC loses this game and Pittsburgh wins the Big East?  Does Cincinnati still deserve a BCS Bowl bid?  I would say that they definitely do, but I know that the NCAA will be hesitant to give 2 BCS bids to the basketball heavy Big East.

So I have not really answered any questions in this edition because it is all going to depend on the results of next weekends’ games.  But what are your predictions?

Does Cincinnati beat Pittsburgh?  Who wins the Florida-Bama game?  Does Texas play well enough to beat Nebraska?  Who do you think should be in the National Title Game? We should never really be having these arguments and there should just be a playoff.  But you have to admit it is quite entertaining and should be a photo finish.

Stay tuned for the next edition of Sportskraze.


4 responses to ““College Football Photo Finish”

  1. The one redeeming thing that the BCS system offers is the suspense as to who will get to the BCS Bowls, and who won’t. Other than that, the system needs a playoff. Win or lose against Pitt, and if UC stops the Pitt running game it will be win, they deserve to be in a BCS Bowl. Additionally, if UC beats Pitt, they deserve to be in the BCS Championship as much as anyone.

  2. I would just hope that from a program perspective for the smaller guys (Cincy, TCU, and Boise) that they are not matched up against each other.

    Each one of these teams is hungry to play a power team from a power conference in order to prove that teams like these can play with the big guys. TCU beating Boise State (or any other combination) proves nothing moving forward about the successes of their programs.

    But the BCS could match them up so they avoid the future, stronger controversies than Utah beating Alabama last year..

    • B-Dulls..you could not have put that better. What good would it really do one of these teams like TCU and Boise to get matched up with each other? Utah beating Bama last year and Boise beating Oklahoma a few years ago showed that this teams are definitely capable of competing. It would be a shame if UC, TCU, or Boise got matched up with each other..but we will just have to wait and see.

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