Edition 68 “Keep the Dream Alive”

So this edition of Sportskraze is a bit different from a normal issue of Sportskraze.  It is long overdue, but what better time to do it than edition 68.  Yes, this blog is about the former Bengal warrior, and Saint’s defensive back, Kevin Kaesviharn (number 34 on the Bengals).

Kaesviharn was picked up by the Tennessee Titans on September 30th and now sports the number 26.  It is still the same old, hard-working KK.  Kaesviharn played for the Bengals for 6 seasons before going to the New Orlean Saints for 2.  He has never really been a full-time starter during the course of his career except when starters were hurt in front of him.  But, boy you got to love this guy.

He comes up with big plays whenever he gets the opportunity to play.  He just has an uncanny knack to come up clutch in key situations as he exhibited in his tenure with the Bengals.  And though he is not the most talented, his raw effort and determination has kept him in the league for years.  He is truly living the dream. 

Kaesviharn played college football at a little known Division 2 school called Augustana College, but now has been in the league for over 8 years.  He is getting the most out of his abilities and is the consummate team player.

Kaesviharn is what every NFL player should be.  He goes about his business on the field every day with 100% effort and focus.  Then off the field, he keeps his noise clean, is highly active in the community, and is a great family man.  Not to mention he graduated from college with a real degree that he can use. Kaesviharn is the type of professional athlete that kids should be looking up to.  Yes, kids will obviously gravitate to worshipping the superstars in the League, but Kevin is just an all around great role model.

Though, he is in a very reserved role with the Titans right now, he is continuing to bust his butt every day and live the dream.  Well for Mr. Kaesviharn, I just want to say, “Keep the Dream Alive.”

Stay tuned for edition 69.


6 responses to “Edition 68 “Keep the Dream Alive”

  1. I am hereby boycotting SportsKraze until you stop labeling Edition numbers

    Formerly faithful reader

  2. good old kk blowing coverages and getting rewarded for it. haha he is no tom nelson.

  3. I hope I can honor his jersey enough on the 9th of February, 2010..

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