Edition 64 “LJ to Cincy?”

So the Bengals appear to be signing former Cheif’s running back Larry Johnson.  Many sources are saying that this is an awful move by the Bengals and a step backwards for the franchise.  Do I agree with this sentiment?  NO WAY!

Larry Johnson a couple of years ago was widely considered the best running back in the game.  The Bengals starter, Cedric Benson is hurt, though nobody has really confirmed the actual severity of the injury.  But let’s be real.  Bernard Scott did a fantastic job in the second half last game and Brian Leonard is a great 3rd down back who has come up big time and time again for the Who Deys.  But why not sign a guy with the ability of Larry Johnson?  Scott is still not ready to take on 20 carries a game and carry the load.  He was reeling at the end of the Steelers game, but his endurance will build up in time.

So Johnson may of had some attitude problems in the past.  These attitude problems generally come out when a team is losing.  Well the Bengals are winning right now.  LJ is booking himself a ticket to the playoffs with this deal.  And the most beautiful thing of all for the Bengals.   Say LJ is a distraction or causes problems off the field, then they cut him immediately.  No questions asked.  This is a win win situation for the Bengals who can get rid of this guy at any time.

But what if LJ starts playing really well like the player of old?  Then you have one of the most lethal running back combos in the game heading into the home stretch of the season.  Not to mention LJ’s legs will be fresher than most backs in the league at this point in the season.

Normally I am the first one to get upset when the Bengals pick up players with character issues.  But they took a risk on Cedric Benson last year.  How did that work out?  If it wouldn’t have worked, then they could of cut him.  The same goes for LJ.  And this time, we are not in dire need of a running back like we were last year.

I respect this move and fully believe that Marvin in the Bengals were looking into doing this even before Cedric got dinged up on Sunday.  The Who Deys appear to be  getting stronger each day for that big playoff push..

Stay tuned for Edition 65.


3 responses to “Edition 64 “LJ to Cincy?”

  1. Yo Kraze..

    I agree 100% that LJ makes the Bengals a better team, but let’s not confuse why the Bengals sign LJ. Mike Brown is a complete snake. He will take a stab at any good talent that he can get at its cheapest.

    Signing a guy like LJ is an excuse for him to say that he is “bringing in talent and making moves to win.” Let’s not forget that the Bengals were the first to offer Michael Vick an offer.

    Hopefully the Bengals can win and keep chemistry with all of the troubled individuals that come in the door. The reputation of the Bengals being a thug, loud-mouthed and undisciplined team will continue as long as Mike is alive and stackin’ cheese.

    Let’s hope LJ pans out..

    • I am in complete agreeance with your sentiments Mr. Dulle. But, make no mistake, in this situation, they can cut LJ at any time. But yes Brown is a snake. LJ has the talent to pan up so I am praying.

  2. WHO DEY

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