Edition 62 “Get the Guy a Real Jersey!”

So the Ohio State Buckeyes have won an astonishing 5th straight Big Ten Championship.  Today’s game against Iowa was definitely an intense and hard fought game.  So now the Buckeyes wait to play their hated rival Michigan, already knowing that they will be heading to the Rose Bowl on New Years.  Not too bad of a life, but you better believe that the Michigan game is still a must win for the Buckeyes.

So Iowa nearly pulled out the win in the Horseshoe with a freshman quarterback in James Vandenberg.  The kid had guts, but he looked awful in the one OT possession.  The lack of experience really showed and the loss of their starting quarterback last week probably cost them the game, and a Big Ten Championship.  A lot of people who were unable to watch this game are probably thinking that this was a great slug fest in the Big Ten.  And yes, this game was a slugfest, but what was the deal with both team’s last possessions in regulation?

  I feel both coaches should be ashamed.  They both play not to lose football.  This in no way is a rip on these players.  Both of those teams are solid with talented players, but their coaches both play conservative, boring football.  Iowa has been playing in close games all year and coming up big every week.  Why play conservative and not to lose this week?  Your telling me that you really want to just run out the clock and take your chances on the road in OT against the all-powerful Buckeyes?!  Not to mention both teams had all 3 of their timeouts heading into their final possessions.  Give me a break.  I wonder why the Big Ten has been labeled as boring.

And as for the tactics of the man who has won 81 percent of his games as the Buckeye coach, Jim Tressel; I think 99 percent of America could of guessed that you would have 3 draws right up the middle in overtime and leave the game on the foot of your walk on kicker.  You looked good today because the kicker made the kick, but what if he doesn’t?  I mean he is just a walk on playing in his second career game.  You probably run 3 draws on your next possession and do the same thing.  

But what I have the biggest issue with in this circa Big Ten Championship game is the lack of a real jersey for the OSU walk on kicker.  Barclay, who by the way has a phenomenal story, came up huge making the game winning field goal to seal the deal in overtime.  In the midst of this celebration, the name came off the back of his jersey..

Ohio State has perhaps the wealthiest athletic budget in the country.  They are the only school that fields an NCAA team in every Men’s and Women’s sport, yet they cannot get their walk on kicker a real jersey?  Barclay, go out and celebrate because you came up remarkably clutch and showed ice in your veins.  Maybe the athletic department can get you a real jersey before the Michigan game, or at least before Pasadena..

Stay tuned for Edition 63.


4 responses to “Edition 62 “Get the Guy a Real Jersey!”

  1. The Iowa coach is responsible for that loss. He had plenty of time and plenty of timeouts, yet decided to play for overtime. Why? Makes no sense to me.

  2. This is the type of blog I been waiting for… quirky things in sports that are different from what you see on the front of the newspaper.

    Doesn’t hurt that it rips on the Bucks.

    Very Bill Simmons-ish.

    Nicely done.

    • It just mystified me as i watched Tressel’s ultra conservative style lead the Buckeyes to a another Big Ten title. The dudes name came off the jersey by the end of the celebration. What a joke. Even Brutus the Buckeye has a nicer jersey than that..

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