Edition 61 “Buckeyes Primetime 2010-2011”

Recruits all over the country inked their commitments for College hoops earlier this week.  One school really seemed to stick out on this signing day though.  They reside in Columbus, Ohio.  Though Buckeye football has apparently taken a back seat in Ohio to Bearcat football this season, basketball this year will be solid, but next year, it will be phenomenal. 

Currently the Buckeyes have what is ranked as the number 1 recruiting  class in the country for 2010 and these kids are the real deal.  A good few of these players are off a local AAU team called All Ohio Red.  This team has won National Titles each of the past 3 summers and is widely regarded as one of the most talented AAU teams this country has seen in the past 10 years.  This team has stuck together and 4 of them are going to college together to take their games to the next level.

Thad has struck gold with this class.  And with a program that already features talented players such as Diebler, Buford, Lauderdale, and Lighty, who will all be experienced juniors and seniors next season, the potential for this team appears to be endless.  Ohio State this year will probably end up in the top 25 and go to the NCAA tourney.  With the arrival of the All Ohio Red juggernaut, this team will instantly be a top 10 team and possibly a final four contender.

So lets take a real look at this class Matta is bringing in.  The centerpiece of the class has to be last year’s Mr. Basketball in the state of Ohio, Jared Sullinger.  According to any rankings of players in this class, Sullinger is in the top 5 and truly is a player with limitless potential.  He is the brother of former Buckeye AJ Sullinger and has a very fundamentally sound and mature game for an 18-year-old.  This kid will be dominating in the post from day 1 in Columbus.  Sullinger’s high school and AAU teammate, JD Weatherspoon will be joining Jared in Columbus next year.  JD decommitted from Xavier with the departure of former Coach Sean Miller and was a great pick up for Thad.  This kid, though only ranked around the bottom half of the 150 in most polls is a gem.  He is a high riser that could provide a game changing dunk on any play.  Not to mention he has played with 3 of these incoming recruits for years and has a great feel for how to play along side these fellow stud players.  The third guy in my opinion is the best steal for Thad.  His name  is Jordan Sibert.  Sibert is a shooting guard for the defending Ohio Division 1 runner-up Princeton Vikings.  Sibert is ranked in the top 40 in most polls and was ranked in the top 20 before  breaking his leg last March.  Sibert also plays on the same All Ohio Red team as Sullinger and Weatherspoon.  This kid’s game can be described simply by one word.  “SMOOTH.”  His game is just a pleasure to watch with his beautiful pull up jumper and amazing ability to get to the rim.  Not to mention he has a very long wingspan and can play some lock down defense.   If this kid does not break his leg, he could easily be in the top 10 in his class and all recruiters agree that this kid’s best playing days are ahead of him. Lastly, from All Ohio Red, highly touted point guard Aaron Craft joins his AAU teammates.  Then lets not forget Thad has secured 2 other top recruits in DeShaun Thomas and Lenzelle Smith to this blue chip class.

So next years team for the Buckeyes will consist of mainly freshman and seniors.  It should be a great mix of talent, experience, and leadership. In today’s college basketball game, lots of teams lack the mix of experience and talent.  They either have one or the other, but not both. Ohio State will have a plethora of both. Do not sleep on any of these freshman.  4 of them have played on a 3 time defending National Champion AAU team and have taken on and dismantled all the other blue chip recruits in their class.   Next year’s Buckeyes should have an amazing chemistry and swagger, playing a very exciting brand of Buckeye basketball.

So you heard it here first.  Ohio State Buckeye basketball 2010-2011 will be dancing to the Final Four.

Stay tuned for Edition 62.


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