Edition 60 “To be A Cincinnatian”

What a weekend it is to be a loyal citizen of the city of Cincinnati!  The weather has been September like, the sports teams are winning, and elections are over.  It is just a great time to be living in the midwest hub.

Lets take a look at what is in store for this weekend:

  Tonight the Bearcats hoops squad, in their final exhibition game takes on the Bellarmine Knights.  This team is no pushover and is ranked number 1 in the Basketball Times Preseason Poll for Division 2.  So this game should really give the Bearcats some good final preparation as they get ready for their opening night on Monday against Prairie View.  As a UC hoops fan, you should be excited about this team.  This is by far the deepest and most talented squad the Bearcats have had since the departure of the legendary Coach Huggins.  At the 1 through 4 spots, this team will roll as deep as any team in the Big East. The arrival of freshman phenom Lance Stephenson and how he develops this year should be very exciting.  This year will really give us an idea of what type of coach Mick Cronin is.  He has the talent this year to have a top 25 squad that goes dancing in March.  Lets see if he can finish the job by leading this team back to March for the first time in over 4 years.

Tomorrow night is a night that has been circled on my calendar since the football schedule came out for this year way back when.  It is the Ring of Red Game tomorrow night.  ESPN is in Clifton and preparing to air the Big East rumble between the defending Big East Champion Bearcats and the always dangerous West Virginia Mountaineers.  Last year the Cats escaped with the biggest win in school history at the time in Morgantown in an Overtime thriller.  This year the Bearcats are the favorite and we really get to see how they continue to handle the pressure of being the favorite in a big game.  The real question is, what QB will actually start, and which Bearcat defense will show up?  Should be an awesome Ring of Red game.

Saturday, following the great Ring of Red Game that will take place on Friday night, will be a day filled with High School Football.  Something that Southwest Ohio does better than almost any area in the country.  The first game is between a hungry and extremely athletic Middletown Middies squad and a recently moved to Division 1 undefeated Anderson Redskins team.  Though both of these teams have surprised many in still being around, it should be a great game with two teams who play very contrasting styles.  Middletown’s raw speed may very well overwelm the Redskins in the end though.  The headline game though is an old fashioned GCL brawl between the always dangerous St Xavier Bombers and Elder Panthers.  Both of these teams were expected to be playing and this game comes as no surprise to any avid high school football fans.  Both of these teams sport great quarterbacks and strong defenses.  Should be a good one.  But expect St X to come out of Region 4 when all is said and done.  They have an outstanding coaching staff and always play their best football at this time of year.

Finally, the weekend for Cincinnatian’s gets capped off with the Who Deys taking on the hated defending Super Bowl Champion Steelers.  This game will be a bloodbath and will really determine a lot about how the AFC North plays out.  Both teams are currently 6 and 2 and sit atop the division.  The Bengals won the first meeting earlier this year in Cincinnati and are looking to sweep the Steelers and gain the inside track to their first AFC North Title since 2005.  The always tough Steelers appear to be clicking on all cylinders now though and will be a very tough team for the Bengals to beat on the road.  Rashad Mendanhall looks outstanding and that defense with Polamalu back is just flat-out scary.  The Bengals are no slouches themselves though with the great mix of run pass attack with Cedric Benson, Carson Palmer, Chad OchoCinco and the gang. 

Please enjoy the weather and all that is to be a Cincinnatian this weekend.  Should be a phenomenal time. 

Stay tuned for Edition 61.


6 responses to “Edition 60 “To be A Cincinnatian”

  1. Top 25 basketball program? From your coach “MicK Cronin?” ESPN preseason ranks Bearcats as #55 (not dancing). SI’s Joe Lunardi, who has been an absolute gem of a tournament analyst in terms of selection, has the Bearcats sitting at home come March. Hope that Bellarmine prepares the Bearcats for Prairie View!

    • All valid points Mr. Dulle. And Joe Lunardi does seem to be pretty accurate. But this team is head and shoulders more experienced and more talented than last years. If you take away the last few games where the Cats slowed down last season, they have a great shot at making the tourney. This team is way too talented not to be dancing March. Bellarmine is a tough opponent for an exhibition being the number 1 ranked D2 team in the country. Get ready baby, because the Cats are back!

  2. I’m not doubting that the Cats are better this year than the past couple years. But I still fully believe (coming from an unbiased standpoint) that the Cats didn’t have any quality/impressive wins last year, but that is just me. They will be exciting this year, and have a pretty good shot at beating the Muskies at Cintas. I’m not guaranteeing them dancing though.

    • Those are all valid points..it is a long year though and the team tonight showed that there is still much work to be taken care of from an offensive flow standpoint. Should be a fun year and always a lot of chances to beat strong teams playing in the rugged Big East..

  3. Great article on Cincinnati sports! Love this town!

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