Edition 55 “Is Patience a Virtue?”

So once again Lebron James wowed the people of New York city with yet another breathtaking performance in MSG.  The King put up 33 points, 8 boards, and 9 assists in an easy victory over a once proud franchise.  Stars ranging from Jay Z to Mark Teixara were there to watch the King do his thing.

Lebron loves New York.  He loves the city.  He loves the bright lights.  He even is a die-hard Yankees fan.  But does he love the city enough to play there?

Well as people saw the other night, the Knicks are a long way from being a contender.  Their starting lineup appears to be half guys that would be riding pine on other teams, and half guys that could be playing in the NBDL.  Other than Al Harrington and David Lee, I do not know if any of these guys could start on other teams.  It’s a shame for a team that once was a contender every year through the 90s.

Do you remember those Knick’s teams of the 90s?  Led by their star Patrick Ewing, who had the greatest midrange jumper ever for a big man. John Starks, the man who could look like Michael Jordan one night, and then a high school player the next. Then of course the bash brothers in Anthony Mason and Charles Oakley.  Let’s not forget about the up and down guard play of the former QB Charlie Ward, Chris Childs, and the man with the soft touch Allen Houston.  Finally, there were also guys like Larry Johnson and of course the former choke artist who played great in his time in NYC, Latrell Sprewell. The Knicks of the 90s had a toughness that few teams have possessed in this league.  They were a team built on strong defense and rebounding.  And you know what, during the Pat Riley and Jeff Van Gundy years, it got the job done.  Those team never got the 1st ballot Hall of Famer Patrick Ewing a ring, but they did get to the finals twice and the conference finals numerous times.

So Lebron, for the city you love, are you up to the challenge?  If you could lead the Knicks to a championship within 5 to 10 years nobody would ever question your greatness.  It really comes down to how much longer can you wait for a title?  They say that wherever you go, that team is an automatic playoff team.  Well lets put that theory to test.

So my question for you.  Should LBJ go to the Knicks for next season, and if he does could he get them to a title?

Stay tuned for Edition 56.


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