Edition 54 “Classy Patriots?”

Joey Porter once again is at it with his mouth.  This man has never been shy with words and this week is proving to be no different.  He has chosen a common target in Tom Brady and the Patriots.  Many take shots at these guys because they have been perennial winners for the better part of a decade.

Well for once, I am going to say the Patriots handled this with class.  Normally, I do not compliment a Patriots team that has been known to run up scores and not shake hands after losses in big games.  But Belichick handled this one with class.  He simply said, “That is not our fight; our fight is on the field.”  This is the truth.  The Patriots are back to their winning ways.  They are finally appearing to look like the dominant force that fans had become accustomed too.

Guys like Porter will always run their mouths.  Porter is a very good defensive player, but gets the majority of his attention from running his mouth off the field.  The trash talking, though entertaining at times, needs to come to a close.  The NFL is becoming full of guys like Joey Porter and frankly it is enough. 

Porter has some valid points but everyone knows that professional sports leagues protect their superstars.  In the NFL, if your starting QB goes down, your year is essentially over.  So obviously the rules are going to protect the all important QB.  And yeah, guys like Tom Brady and Drew Brees may get some calls in their favor that other guys wouldn’t, but that is part of pro sports.  You think that Lebron James and Kobe Bryant do not get calls in their favor that most guys wouldn’t every night?  It is called star status and any educated sports fan is aware of it.  Now this is not saying that it is right, but it is nothing that people do not already realize.

So Joey, thanks again for never being shy.  And hats off to the Patriots for handling this with class.  Should be a good one this weekend with the Patriots coming out victorious.  The Pats are back..

Stay tuned for Edition 55.


2 responses to “Edition 54 “Classy Patriots?”

  1. Do you frown on your boy Chad’s smack talk or is that considered fun?

    • Now obviously I have a biased opinion on Chad because he is on my favorite team. But to be honest, at times yes. His talk his normally more fun loving though than Porter’s. Though Porter in this situation has some substance to what he was saying, he always takes real shots at people when he smack talks. Chad normally just talks about meaningless garbage and is more fun with it. But no I do not condone all the smack talking that either of them take part in. I think it is bad for the game.

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