Edition 52 “A Year of Tradition”

So the Yankees captured World Series number 27 tonight to complete a great year for the storied franchises in sports.  The Steelers, started the year capturing their record 6th Super Bowl Title.  Then the Lakers captured their 15th NBA Championship.  And now the Yankees have captured number 27.  These teams all have a common attribute.  People either love them or hate them.  Either way people tune in to watch their games to root for them or to root for their opponents.

Andy Pettitte, a familiar face for Yankees’ fans did his part.  Derek Jeter came up big with 3 hits and has the most hits in postseason history.  Then of course Mariano came in to pitch for 2/3 of the 8th and the 9th inning in its entirety.  A very traditional finish.

Hats off to the Phillies though on an outstanding season.  They are a great team that just did not have enough to keep up with the big bats of the Yankees this year.  They will be in contention for years to come with a very strong nucleus of great hitters and strong pitching.

As I talked about a few nights ago, once those Yankees bats woke up it was all over for the Phillies.  Just a matter of time until they solidified that 27th title.  Matsui played a phenomenal series and definitely deserves the MVP in my mind.  He was the X-factor and came up big in all the games that he was able to participate in.  Though Arod had a great postseason, Jeter batted over 400 in the Series, while CC and Rivera did their thing, it has to go to Matsui.  The man had ice in his veins in this World Series and really delivered for the men in the Pinstripes.

So my question for you all, as fans, do you like when the traditional storied franchises win titles, or does this make you sick to your stomach?  And if this makes you sick, how would you prefer for things to be?

Stay tuned for edition 53.


5 responses to “Edition 52 “A Year of Tradition”

  1. Everyone likes to see the underdog pull off the upset, unless of course you’re a fan of the powerhouse as you are with the Yankees, and I the Wildcats. But think about it, Boise State over Oklahoma in football 4 years ago. The whole world was rooting for that little engine that could.

  2. I like it when the storied team is the Yankees. Being from The Bronx and growing up with the Yanks, that is understandable. I too, usually root against the other storied franchises.
    BTW, how about a shout out to Damon. He had an amazing series too.

  3. I think you are both right. People in our culture tend to root for the underdog unless the big dawg is their team. Damon did play great though I wish he had a stronger arm in the outfield.

  4. Kraze, now that the base ball season is over any predictions on the NBA finals. Also who do you think is gonna be in the BCS National Title game?


    • Kirby, my prediction for the NBA this year. I have a season where in the West, the Lakers, Spurs, Nuggets, and the Rockets battle it out. The Lakers come out of the West again barring major injuries.

      In the East, once again I think it is a three team race with the Celtics, Magic, and Cavaliers. The only difference is, I feel the Celtics and Magic got better while the Cavaliers did not. Count on the Celtics barring major injuries to represent the East.

      For the Finals Kobe will exact revenge on the Celtics and help the Lake show to their 16th NBA Title in a great 7 game series with the Celtics.

      All of these predictions though are barring major injuries.

      For the BCS National Title Game, I got Florida defeating Texas. I feel that neither of these teams will lose in the regular season and both are in position to be in the game now..

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