Edition 51 “Pour the Champagne”

This edition is going to be short and sweet.  Game 6 takes place this evening at the new Yankee Stadium.  The 37 year old Yankee legend Andy Pettitte, takes on one of the most hated players in the game, 38 year old Pedro Martinez.  I am just going to say it bluntly..

Pedro, all those years of being a jerk off and disrespecting players and fans, especially the New Yorkers, you are going to get run over tonight.  Its karma baby and it is not in the favor of Pedro.  The Yankees will be your daddy once and for all. 

I do not care if Andy Pettitte has not gone on 3 days rest in over 3 years, he is a winner in the postseason.  This Yankees team is too good not to win it.  And as I have been saying all along, I expect them to win in 6.

The bats are awake for the Yankees and look for Martinez to struggle as the Yankees notch World Series number 27..

Look for edition 52 coming soon.



6 responses to “Edition 51 “Pour the Champagne”

  1. Every time I think of Pedro Martinez I remember him throwing a 70 something Don Zimmer to the ground. Enough said.

  2. One of the many acts that have made him a hated figure in the game unless he plays for your team..its karma tonight as he gets killed in the Bronx

  3. Steroid user vs. throwing Zimmer “Jobba-the-Hut’s” head in a benches clearing brawl?

    You be the judge… I don’t think it’s as clear cut as you think…

    Roids have destroyed baseball worse

    • Pettitte admitted to using roids first of all which is a first step of class. Pedro has been horrible with the press his entire career and thrown old men to the ground. Roids have really hurt baseball. But if you want to know the honest truth, I would say that there is a very good chance Pedro took roids as well along with Manny and Papi. So therefore Pettitte screwed up taking the roids, but at least he manned up. I wish we did not even have to have this convo about roids but baseball will forever be scarred by the topic. Pedro is getting shown who his daddy is this evening..

  4. Kraze, you need to use your head. You’re not making any sense.

    1) Does admitting to a crime make it any better?

    2) How can you go and accuse someone of taking steroids when you have ZERO evidence about the fact? If you’re so concerned about the legacy of baseball, you would know that all of the rumored alligations are just as bad for baseball’s reputation.

    3) Pedro doesn’t know English very well at all, doesn’t know the American culture, and just speaks his mind. He should not be crucified for his cultural barriers and his sometimes blatant honesty.

    4) I did not attack either of these guys’ abilities to play. I am not going to bring a biased attitude to my arguments. You’re right, Andy is pitching well tonight. It wasn’t Pedro’s night. But I did not comment on either of their performances tonight.

    • Brien, admitting to a crime does not necessarily make it better. But it is better to admit guilt then lie about it and be proven guilty later on in my book. Also you are correct in it being a rash accusation about Pedro, but in today’s game, the rumors are all a part of it and he was on a team at a time when the other stars on the team were on the roids. He was close with Manny and Papi and they were both on the roids. So I am definitely suspicious but you are right in that I have no concrete evidence.

      Your 3rd point. Pedro has always been a jerk. It has nothing to do with the barrier. He is an arrogant punk. Even before he played for the Sox he was the same way. But at least he was a great pitcher. The sad part for him is he can’t back it up with his play no more. He is not a shell of the player he was so his days of running his mouth are over.

      Point 4, definitely was not Pedro’s night as I predicted it would not be. Andy pitched decent enough to get the job done.

      Your opinions are all valid though and I am just sharing my own. I appreciate the honesty and thirst to speak your mind on here. That is what I want with this blog. For me to share my opinions and for others to share their’s whether they disagree or agree.

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