Edition 50 “It Could Happen”

If any of you have ever seen the movie “Angels in the Outfield,”  you will remember the line that the little kid that was the best friend of the main character would say.  His mantra always was, “It could happen.”  Well tonight, it really did happen..

The LeMoyne Dolphins upset the Syracuse Orangemen in an exhibition game tonight!  Yes, LeMoyne, a little known Division 2 school that is also in Syracuse.  Talk about a sweet victory for these guys.  The Dolphins are predominantly made up of players who were not nearly good enough to play at Syracuse or talented enough to play Division 1 basketball.

Well tonight was the moment of these young student athletes’ lives.  They defeated the big dawg.  The team that runs the city.  The team that is coached by the legendary Jim Boeheim with the vaunted 2-3 zone.  The team that won a national title this decade.  I guess “It could happen.”

Well hats off to the little known Dolphins.  Enjoy the spotlight and savor this victory.  It is a momentous occasion for not only the team, but the entire school and fans.  As for Syracuse.  It is not the end of your season.  The beauty is that it does not even count on  your record.  Yes your reputation may go down for a little but you still have a lot of basketball to play.  The rugged Big East is waiting.

All I have to say is, let College Basketball begin.  The world of rugged conference battles and the greatest tournament in all of sports is nearing.  Strap on your seatbelts because this game is just a precursor of the year to come.  College basketball never disappoints and the best part is, anything can happen..

Stay tuned for Edition 51.



4 responses to “Edition 50 “It Could Happen”

  1. This happens every year to some team. This year it is Syracuse’s turn. In the end the Orangemen will get over this loss and probably go on to an NCAA Tournament bid. Smaller schools often have very good players. They may be an inch or two shorter and a step slower, but they are good players. Whats better than to beat the team that probably did not want you.

    • Gooch from the Bronx..I could not agree more. Syracuse will most likely play into the Madness this year and this loss will be long forgotten. But for the DeMoyne players and students, this win will not soon be forgotten. They got to take a bite out of the big team’s ass tonight and are savoring the taste..

  2. His name was JP. C mon son

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