Daily Archives: October 31, 2009

Edition 47 “Big Ten Doormat”

So I personally did not get to watch the entire game.  I did catch the highlights and parts when the University of Cincinnati was done dismantling the Syracuse Orangemen.  But I have one major question.  How do you let a team beat you that committed 6 turnovers!?

Iowa’s storybook season continues as they escaped against an abysmal Hoosier football team today.  In the third quarter, Indiana was up by 14 with the ball on the two..rather than scoring and going up 21 the ball was taken the other way for a pick 6.  I am just mystified at how Indiana continues to struggle and stay at the bottom of the Big Ten in football every year.  Eventually they will rise up and students will attend the games rather than staying outside the stadium and tailgating until the 4th quarter every game.

I realize that Btown is a big party school.  But when are they going to get good at football?  I know the basketball team will surprise some people this year and be a thousand times better than last year.  But eventually will the football team catch on?

This Iowa team definitely has some guts and destiny seems to be on their side.  They remind me of another Big Ten team that won the National Title 7 years ago.  That team, who plays out of the Horseshoe, seemed to come back and win ugly every week.  But they got the job done and completed a perfect undefeated season including a thrilling overtime upset of the heavily favored Miami Hurricanes.

So what if Iowa has been down in the 4th quarter in 4 of their 9 games this year.  The only number that matters is those 9 victories.  My honest opinion, this is a strong Iowa team, but their clock strikes midnight when they take on the Buckeyes in the Horseshoe November 14th.  Sorry Hawkeyes.  Continue to enjoy this magical season but committing 6 turnovers at home against the lowly Hoosiers is not a good sign.

Iowa escapes this week.  They will escape next week against Northwestern.  Then they will be defeated by Pryor and the Buckeyes come the 14th.  Another unbeaten will go down..

So my question for you.  When did the Big Ten stop becoming a powerhouse at football or even basketball for that matter?  And when will they rise up again if ever?  Please give me more insight than all the speed that the recruits from the Southern schools get.  There is more to it than raw speed of players..

Stay tuned for Edition 48.