Edition 46 “Give the Pistol his due!”

So in Andre Agassi’s new autobiography, the tennis megastar comes clean on taking crystal meth during 1997, the low point of his career.  All I have to say is, I am not surprised at all.  This will not tarnish his legacy or take anything away from his career and his 8 grand slams..if anything it may make fans like him more sadly..

I mean think about what Agassi was like as a pro.  He once sported the ridiculous long hair.  He once refused to wear white at Wimbledon and skipped the biggest tournament in the world.  He had some inconsistency midway through his career and dramatically dropped in the rankings.  Then all the sudden, he shaved his head, got married and became a good family man?

Honestly, I have never understood the infatuation with Andre Agassi.  Most people who do not really understand the game of tennis love Agassi because they love his entertainment value.  They love the old antics he used to pull on and off the court and his many women.  From somebody who really follows tennis, sure the man completed some amazing feats in his career, but he should not even be put on the same playing field as Pete Sampras who recently defeated Agassi again in another charity exhibition match.

Sampras had it all.  He was clean on and off the court.  He won at the time a record 14 grand slam titles.  He was number 1 for 6 consecutive years.  He was the model of consistency who almost always checked his emotions, minus the time his coach passed.  It is Sampras who deserved all the hype and hoopla.  Not only did he have a much better career than Agassi from a raw winning perspective, he also always showed a very modest, and reserved demeanor and handled the glory in stride.  He never was flamboyant or ostentatious.  Sampras acted as a great tennis champion in my eyes should act.

I guess Agassi just has that likeability factor that Sampras may have been lacking.  Either way, Pistol Pete should have been a overwelming fan favorite over Agassi all along and Agassi’s use of crystal meth does not surprise me one bit.  Remember the man slipped to #141 in the rankings in 1997..he was a model of inconsistency at times.

So please do not applaud Agassi for coming out about this.  People should just be neutral and think nothing of it.  Now Agassi was one of the best tennis players of our generation, but he definitely should not be thought of as an emblem of this past generation of tennis..that my friends is the Pistol Pete Sampras..please give Pete his due for once..

Stay tuned for Edition 47.



4 responses to “Edition 46 “Give the Pistol his due!”

  1. I was always in love with Pistol Pete. I never really liked Agassi nor ever really liked watching him play. Sampras was just a smooth player who would just pound you into the ground with his play. He would let you know what was coming and then beat you with it. He was never streaky and you always knew what to expect from him. Great player, always will be seen as one of the best.

    Go Muskies!!!

    • Deez, your completely correct on all that Pete had to offer. He was consistently on top of the game for a good 10-12 years. He also arguably had the greatest 2nd serve of all time and possibly the smoothest game of all time (maybe Federer too though). I just feel when he played, Pete never got the due he deserved. The fans just never seemed to appreciate Sampras or embrace him the way that I felt he deserved. This was probably due to his very calm and easygoing demeanor and lack of flashy appearance..

  2. Do not forget that Agassi raised, and still raises, enormous amounts of money for charity. I am certainly not condoning his use of drugs, but the money he raises for charity is admirable.

    • This is very admirable Gooch..but I just have never understood why he had more fans rooting for him than the great one Pete Sampras..Sampras has done better than Agassi as a professional in every way minus the French Open. Even head to head he has rocked him..give the Pistol some love

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