Edition 45 “October Fun”

What a time of year the end of October is.  College Football and the NFL are both in full effect.  The MLB playoffs are at the final Series.  The NBA season has tipped off.    College basketball scrimmages are going on as the teams prep for their first games in November.  The NHL is twenty games in.  I mean really, as a sports fan, what else could you want? 

The hardest part of this time of the year can at times be deciding what to watch.  So how do you decide on what to watch?  There are definitely going to be conflicts.  Well really it just comes down to simply prioritizing.  Here is the Kraze method on how to determine what to watch in late October:

1.  Throw out the NHL right away.  Though it can be very entertaining, the majority of the regular season, unless you are a die-hard fan, just goes on with too much else taking place that is important.  So the NHL goes at the bottom of the list right away.

2.  College basketball scrimmages are fun, but they cannot be watched on television.  So this eliminates them immediately.

3.  Though the glamour and lights of the NBA are awesome, it is a long season that will have the playoffs going on in June.  So be patient to watch the Kobe and Lebron show.  This is destined to be an awesome season in the NBA as all the top teams got stronger.

3.  This is where things start getting tough.  College Football has gotten to the point where the BCS standings have been going on for a couple of weeks and the National Title race is really heating up.  The NFL is nearly halfway through their season.  And obviously the MLB, is down to the Fall Classic.  So really the way I look at it is, if your team for College Football is not playing, then definitely watch the World Series.  Same goes for the NFL.

4.  The World Series is the culmination of a grueling 6 month season and nearly month-long postseason.  These guys are playing for their lives and struggling through the cold in cities like New York and Philadelphia.  Now many say well baseball games take too long.  College Football games and NFL games go just as long ranging from 3 to 4 hours.  So thumbs up to watching the World Series over anything else, unless your favorite College Football team or NFL team is playing.  And even if these teams are playing, if they are out of contention already, put on the fall classic.  It is sure to be phenomenal series.

I mean really, what could be better than watching a game go to the bottom of the 9th, two outs, with Derek Jeter up having a chance to win the game for the Yankees in the new Yankee stadium?

So enjoy the October fun..

Stay tuned for Edition 46.




2 responses to “Edition 45 “October Fun”

  1. What could be better? If your a Yankees fan nothing. For everyone else, just about anything.

    • Matt, you make a point..but realize the country loves watching the Yankees. Everyone in the country has an opinion and either hates or loves them. Therefore a large demographic either wants to watch it to root the Pinstripes on, and the other large demographic wants to watch praying that the Yankees will lose..now this does not apply to everyone, but a very large percentage of America feels this way..

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