Daily Archives: October 27, 2009

Edition 44 “The Most Competitive League?”

So yesterday was just another typical week on the 17 week NFL schedule.  Except there were some dominating performances and some abysmal performances put on.  I do not have direct facts on this, but there seemed to be more lopsided games yesterday, than in any week that I can remember.  Lets run through these:

Bengals thrash the Bears 45-10..Cowboys whoop the Falcons 37-21..Jets fly over the Raiders 38-0..Packers mollywopped the Brown 31-3..Chargers obliterate the Chiefs 37-7..Colts Peyton Manning the Rams 42-6..Patriots destroy the Buccaneers 35-7..and the Eagles looked be on their way to another very lopsided game with a 17-0 lead over the Skins..

I thought this was a League built on parity and hotly contested games each week?  Yesterday did not live up to the supposed most competitive professional sports league.  Teams just got slaughtered and TKO’d.  Going into yesterday, I was one of those people who really thought the NFL was the league with the most parity.  Each week you could count on most of the games to be decided by 10 or less points.

Maybe they should start calling the League, the most competitive league “sometimes.”  Now I am not saying the NFL is not full of parity.  I mean look at teams like the Cardinals, the Jets, and Dolphins who came out of nowhere last year to have solid seasons.  But it appears some teams did not prepare for yesterday while others overprepared and boy did it show..

Hopefully next week the teams will all come ready to play and we will be able to watch some nail biters.  I am hoping this was just an off week for the League.  Live up to your name NFL, the most unpredictable professional sports league in the world..

Stay tuned for Edition 45.