Daily Archives: October 26, 2009

Edition 43 “All is Right”

The Yankees finally closed out the Angels tonight in an entertaining game 6.  It is hard to believe that it has been 6 years since the Yankees last played in the Series.  Ironically, they were defeated in that Championship by the low salaried Marlins.

This year the average Yankee raked in a salary of 7 million.  The average Marlin brought in a salary of 700 thousand.  So all is right.  The Yankees are playing in the Series and the Marlins are at home preparing for next year.

Andy Pettite stands alone now with 16 career postseason victories and 5 series clinchers.  He pitched outstanding and showed why the Yankees brought him back. Also congratulations to Alex Rodriguez.  You have had a phenomenal 16 year career and it is great to see you finally playing and thriving late in October.   The Yankees really do look primed to win their 27th World Championship and first since 2000. 

It will not be easy though.  The Phillies are a very strong team with solid pitching and hitting.  They are the defending champs for a reason and will definitely make this a great World Series.  But realize the Yankees have home field advantage and are perfect this postseason at home and 18 and 4 in their last 22 at home.

Prediction:  I am going with the Yankees to defeat the defending champion Phillies in 6 games.  It should be a great World Series with hotly contested games and very cold weather.

The Pinstripes are back in the Classic for their 40th time..some things never change and all is right in the MLB again..whether you love or hate the Yankees, you expect them to be playing late in October..

Stay tuned for Edition 44.