Edition 42 “Redemption”

What else is there to say about the Bengals amazing performance today?  I think the commentators today used every superlative possible.  So I am going to keep this short and sweet.  The Bengals offense and defense looked unbelievable today.  Carson looked like the Carson pre knee injury.  Chad OchoCinco kept up his amazing play.  Cedric Benson ran like a machine and looked like the League’s rushing leader.  Marvin Lewis once again proved that he should have spent his entire coaching career in the NFC North as he moved to 6 and 0 against NFC North foes..

But hats off to Mr. Benson.  You got  your revenge on the team that cut you.  And you got them where it hurt the most.  You took care of business on the field..Anyone ever looking for revenge take care of it the way that Mr. Benson did today.  He ran hard and got the job done having the best game of his career.

Why can’t the Bengals play like this every week?  Well okay maybe they will not be able to repeat this performance every week.  But the play calling today on offense seemed more suited for this team.  The Bengals spread the field and really mixed the run and pass perfectly.  So for once I will say good job Bratkowski.  You let Carson and the boys look like the vaunted offensive attack that they should have been for the past 3 years..

So hold your heads up high heading into the Bye Week Who Deys..the Ravens and Steelers will be waiting when you come back..meanwhile the Bengals are atop the AFC North at 5 and 2..did anybody predict that to be the case at the end of week 7?

Stay tuned for Edition 43 coming soon.



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